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Ron Paul Receiving More Military Contributions Than Barack Obama

Outside the Beltway reported that Republican candidate Ron Paul has received more campaign contributions from military personnel than any other presidential candidate. Paul has received $63,440 in donations from retired and currently serving military personnel, and Democrat Barack Obama got $53,968, during the period from January through September 2008.

Open Secrets.org has a list of Ron Paul’s top donor organizations. The U.S. Army, U.S. Navy, and U.S. Air Force are among the top 6. These donations do not come from the organizations themselves, but rather from individuals in these organization or PAC groups with members in these organizations.

Also see: Military Personnel Give Anti-War Candidates Biggest Campaign Donations

4 Responses

  1. Having never donated money to a politician, I don’t know the answer to the following question: Can you put down whatever occupation you want on your contribution form (do they use forms?)?

    They say you don’t have to report your occupation in the article.

  2. To donate to Ron Paul online it says this:

    Note: Federal law requires we report the name, mailing address, occupation, and name of employer for contributions of more than $200.00 per election cycle.

    I guess you could put a fake occupation on there if you wanted, then the only way they would know you’re lying is if there was some kind of detailed federal audit of the contributions (which there should be, but I don’t know how that all works).

    I can’t see why someone who wants Paul to win would lie about their occupation on their contribution and possibly cause a problem for Paul later. Not impossible but it seems unlikely that people would do that.

  3. These two men only have one thing in common: Opposition to the War.

  4. It’s interesting that this common trait is what it took for Paul and Obama each to lead their party in military contributions.

    I’m not sure though how anti-war Obama really is when it comes down to it — he’s just less war prone than the others. Paul on the other hand is unequivocally against the war, that’s probably why he leads among all presidential candidates in military donations.

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