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Ron Paul Blimp To Launch December 14th

At Ron Paul blimp.com the website has been set up to accept donations for advertising time to fund the blimp, which is set to launch December 14th from Elizabeth City, NC. Supporters are encouraged to attend the launch.

Update 12.03.07: The Ron Paul blimp flight plan has been announced and will include flights over D.C., New York, Wall Street, Boston (Teaparty07), and then spend several weeks in New Hampshire to generate more support there for the first primary election. Visit the website for a complete itinerary.

Read more about the blimp. . .

November 30th Ron Paul Donation Day: “Rudy’s Reading List”

The Ron Paul campaign says they need money now, before the end of the quarter so they can spend it now on TV ads and other strategic campaigning.

Join over 2,200 people who have already pledged to donate tomorrow on November 30th!


CNN Post Debate Interview With Ron Paul

Important Lew Rockwell Post

Open Letter to Mormons Regarding Ron Paul

. . .All the other Republican and Democratic candidates reveal themselves as lusting for power, to be in various stages of corruption, using weasel words with coached speeches and phrases intended to deceive a dumbed-down American public. This deception is facilitated by a mainstream press that has become dominated by a corporate establishment that has a globalist agenda. This agenda requires reduced national sovereignty. All these other candidates approve of this agenda.

. . .If we sit idly by, unmoved by the special knowledge which has been given, we are told our state will be awful. Latter-day Saints have been directed to give heed to the Lord’s commandments concerning the laws of the land. We have been told to support that law of the land which is constitutional and not tamper with it:

CNN Youtube Debates: They’re Stealing Ron Paul’s Lines

The strange thing I noticed during this debate was that many of the candidates (Huckabee, Giuliani, Thompson, etc.) are stealing Ron Paul’s positions on some issues. Huckabee is now extremely vocal about getting rid of the IRS, Thompson wants to overturn Roe V. Wade and hand the abortion issue to the states? These are both positions initially taken and championed by Paul—his outspokenness on these issues has made them popular and accepted. The other candidates are realizing that Paul’s ideals are popular and they’re trying to cash in and steal his thunder at the debates. Thats politicians for you.

Overall Ron Paul’s message and answers were clear, direct, and strong. This doesn’t leave a lot for the other candidates to attack, and maybe thats part of why Paul gets less time to speak. He clearly stated his position on defending national sovereignty, eliminating needless/unconstitutional government institutions and spending, protecting the country and not engaging in unlawful, no win, wars that we can’t afford. One of Paul’s great moments was when he declared that Washington had not changed him, after other candidates admitted it had changed them.

I was again disappointed by the lack of air time that Ron Paul received, the post debate stats prove a great time imbalance, as usual most of the questions were directed to Giuliani, Romney, and McCain. Low points of the debate included the bickering between Romney and Giuliani over the percentages of crime that they decreased and about who had a worse record on immigration.

Even Romney took a stand against Huckabee’s government-funded illegal immigrant scholarship program that he set up in Arkansas, noting that “this is not your money to give” to illegals, its the taxpayers’. Still, all the candidates including Romney pale in comparison to the principled nature of Ron Paul and his relentless record of voting according to Constitutional law.

John McCain took on the role as self-proclaimed spokesman for the troops, using a question about taxes to attack Paul on foreign policy. Paul reminded McCain quickly “the question you have to ask is why do I get the most money from active duty personnel?” End of debate. McCain’s inconsistencies were revealed here, as he had earlier in the debate admitted that Iraq is a failure, now he tried to smear Paul for his position of bringing the troops home in order to limit the damages done to our troops and the region. McCain appropriately received plenty of boos for his remarks here.

After the debate Ron Paul spoke about how he was a little annoyed by not being able to speak until a half hour into the debate and even then only given a few minutes here and there. However, Paul, a true liberty supporter to the end, said “they have their right to be biased.” I love this guy, he always goes out of his way to be fair and liberty-minded even when people often aren’t at all fair to him. We need to get him elected.

Ron Paul Blimp Soon To Be Airborne


A recent glance at the Ron Paul blimp website shows that they have gathered over $500,000 in pledges which far exceeds their goal of raising $350,000 to fund the blimp’s flight. This is sure to be amazing publicity for the Ron Paul campaign.

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LewRockwell.com is Giving DLR Some Love

There was a link back to a post here on Daily Liberty Research from a Lew Rockwell.com article today. The article, written by Rick Fisk, explains the ridiculousness and irony surrounding the neocon media labeling Ron Paul supporters as “Dangerous Kooks.”

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Yet Another Pathetic Ron Paul Media Smear Fails

Scarborough spends the majority of his interview of Ron Paul noting the fund raising success Paul has had. Towards the end of the interview the tone is quickly shifted as one of Scarborough’s lackey commentators chimes in with a ridiculous claim.

Ron Paul, in his good natured and forgiving way, laughs off the pathetic attempt by the commentator to link his views with that of a brothel-owner. The Ron Paul smears coming from media sources seem to be increasingly unintelligent and lame. Joe Scarborough’s annoying cackle here only reveals the fact that he knew his jig was up. Nice try guys.

The Freedom Conglomerate


Paul/Kucinich 2008?

Elizabeth Kucinich recently talked about the possibility of a Paul/Kuchinich presidential ticket in 2008, as well as her support for a new investigation into 9/11. I’ve heard Ron Paul mention before that he and Dennis are friends, and as Elizabeth mentions in this video they are fellow truth tellers. It is likely that Paul would pick a running mate with more in common ideologically than he and Kucinich, but if they did happen to run together it definitely would not be more of the same in Washington!

Dennis Kucinich recently blasted Democrats for their lack of leadership. I’m liking Kucinich more and more all of the time:

Democratic presidential candidate Dennis Kucinich said Wednesday the vow from his party’s leadership in Congress to stand up to President Bush on ending the war in Iraq amounts to a “total fraud.”

The Ohio congressman said the most recent House-passed plan to set a timetable for ending the war still would permit permanent bases in Iraq and allow Americans soldiers to train Iraqi military and police and to fight off insurgents.

“This is a fraud, a total fraud, and it breaks the promise the Democrats made to the voters that we would get out of Iraq,” Kucinich said of his own party’s congressional leadership during an interview Wednesday.

“They want to be on all sides of the issue. Instead of getting out of Iraq, we are getting in deeper,” Kucinich said.


9/11 Firefighters and Families Say Giuliani is No Hero

It’s good to see that this story is finally getting more mainstream media attention.

Appearing on MSNBC’s Live with Dan Abrams, FDNY Deputy Fire Chief Jim Riches and his group, 9/11 Firefighters and Families, are challenging Giuliani’s 9/11 credibility. Riches said: “We are going to follow him around and tell the true story of what happened on 9/11.” … “and get the message out to all of America and every state to let them know that Rudy Giuliani is not Mr 9/11. He’s not a hero. He ran that day.”

Read more and watch the interview: www.crooksandliars.com

An article in the New York Post also quotes Jim Riches:

“Giuliani is running on 9/11 and portraying himself as a hero. It’s disgusting. It’s horrible,” FDNY Deputy Fire Chief Jim Riches said.

“This guy will do anything to get elected.”

“He’s misleading voters and distorting the truth. He didn’t prepare the first responders for a terrorist attack. The Office of Emergency Management was a joke that day. There was a lack of communication. People died unnecessarily.”

Read the full story: www.nypost.com

Jim Riches also appeared on CNN with Wolf Blitzer and was asked if he was trying to “swift boat” Giuliani:

“Let’s get right to the issue,” Blitzer said. “Are you trying to ‘swiftboat’ Rudy Giuliani?”

“No, we’re going to set the record straight on 9/11 and we don’t think he’s the hero he says he was or the leader,” Riches said.

Riches, who lost his son when the Towers collapsed, faults Giuliani for the Fire Department’s faulty radios, a lack of training at the World Trade Center, an inept Office of Emergency Management, and “incompetent and cowardly” police and fire commissioners.

“I take it that you’re thinking of starting what’s called a 527, a committee that would raise money to go after a specific candidate without being involved in any another candidate, is that right?” Blizter asked.

“We’re all from different-, we’re conservatives, we’re Democrats and I voted for Bush and I voted for Giuliani three times,” Riches said, “This is not political, this is strictly about his leadership.”

Riches also rejected claims by the Giuliani campaign that his group was politicizing 9/11.

“Well, that’s a lie because they’ve politicized it from day one and if he wants to run on his record of failure and everything else then let him run on it, but we’re going to set the truth out,” Riches said.

Read more and watch the interviews: rawstory.com

Yet another interesting article compares the rhetoric in Giuliani’s “look at me I’m a great 9/11 hero”ad campaign claims with the realities and it doesn’t look good for “America’s Mayor”:

Read the full story: http://news.yahoo.com

View the short video made by the International Association of Firefighters regarding Giuliani and their view of his 9/11 politicizing and profiteering.

Here’s a link to a video about how the Emergency Management command center ended up in WTC 7 and the role Giuliani played in getting it there:



New Hampshire Sets Presidential Primary Date

New Hampshire has set January 8th as its date for the presidential primary vote. This puts it second chronologically behind Iowa’s nominating vote that will be held on January 3rd, but before Michigan’s vote on January 15th.

Ron Paul supporters were hoping for a primary election kick-off in New Hampshire where Paul has stronger support and a better likelihood of winning and building momentum.

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Ron Paul’s Support Triples in Iowa

The recent Washington Post-ABC News Poll shows that Ron Paul has tripled his support since being at 2% in July, is now up to 6% in Iowa among GOP candidates, now tied with John McCain.

Full Story. . .

Ron Paul Wins Nationwide Zogby Poll

“A new nationwide Zogby telephone poll reveals that a sizeable majority of Americans are looking to vote for a candidate who protects liberty, wants to shrink government and immediately withdraw troops from Iraq – all traits common to Texas Congressman Ron Paul.”

“As part of a spread poll commissioned by Jones Productions, respondents were provided with descriptions of four different candidates and asked to choose who they would vote for based on each one’s attributes and political platform. ”

Full Story. . .

Ron Paul on PBS 11.19.2007

New Hampshire PBS 11-19-2007