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News Coverage of Ron Paul’s November 5th Moneybomb

—Wolf Blitzer on CNN

Paul Raises More Than $4.2M in One Day

—AP, Drudge Report, Breitbart.com

Ron Paul’s Record Online Haul


Guy Fawkes Day Helps Raise Millions for Paul


Paul Raises $2.4 Million in One Day


Ron Paul Is Money


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Ron Paul To Break Single-Day Internet Fundraising Record on Nov. 5th

Ron Paul is set to break the single-day internet campaign fundraising record of $3 million and is now averaging roughly $165,000/hour in donations on this historic November 5th. At this pace the total could also easily surpass the 2007 single-day fundraising record of $3.1 million set by Mitt Romney.

Senator John Kerry currently holds the record for single-day Internet fund-raising when he raised $3 million for his campaign in 2004, as reported by the NY Times. (Kerry also holds the non-internet fundraising one-day record, raising $5.6 million on July 29, 2004, during the Democratic nomination convention—but this was after the primaries.)

Watch the donations totals here at Paulcash with a live graph and up-to-date totals, or at Ron Paul Graphs to see a breakdown of donations by states, the number of donors (over 38,000), and more great stats.

News coverage of Ron Paul’s Money bomb.

Click here to donate and be a part of this historic event!


“Waterboarding is inhumane, it is torture, and it is illegal,” say Retired JAGs in letter to Leahy

The pending confirmation of Michael Mukasey to the position of Attorney General, now destined to go to the full Senate, thanks to Lieber-moves of Shumer and Feinstein, is troublesome to more than just we in the progressive community. Senator Patrick Leahy received this letter (.pdf) from four retired JAGs, who understand that the concept of “Rule of Law” must mean something, even with Bushies in charge.

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Ron Paul Most Demanded GOP Candidate