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Ron Paul To Break Single-Day Internet Fundraising Record on Nov. 5th

Ron Paul is set to break the single-day internet campaign fundraising record of $3 million and is now averaging roughly $165,000/hour in donations on this historic November 5th. At this pace the total could also easily surpass the 2007 single-day fundraising record of $3.1 million set by Mitt Romney.

Senator John Kerry currently holds the record for single-day Internet fund-raising when he raised $3 million for his campaign in 2004, as reported by the NY Times. (Kerry also holds the non-internet fundraising one-day record, raising $5.6 million on July 29, 2004, during the Democratic nomination convention—but this was after the primaries.)

Watch the donations totals here at Paulcash with a live graph and up-to-date totals, or at Ron Paul Graphs to see a breakdown of donations by states, the number of donors (over 38,000), and more great stats.

News coverage of Ron Paul’s Money bomb.

Click here to donate and be a part of this historic event!


12 Responses

  1. nice finds on the numbers, thanks!

  2. The Revolution is growing strong.

  3. Right on! I just put in $50 and might do it again. Get off your ass and make history!

    Christopher Winkler
    Provider of Self Defense Products

  4. […] to Digg to see today’s news. Well, wouldn’t you know it, the first article was, “Ron Paul To Break One-Day Internet Fundraising Record.” Now, that is pretty neat. I guess the whole correlation between politics and money […]

  5. I swear, if I could donate as a german I would donate the max of 2,300$ to this man..be proud and show the world why America is the land of the “brave”.

    Best regards and good luck to all the american people from a good german friend..

  6. hp, that was a very nice statement. It’s good to see foreigners knowing that there are many good, conscionable Americans who are as disgusted with this government as you and the rest of the world are.

    Please tell your American friends who CAN contribute to send their $100 for the cause. You may not be able to help directly, but you can still help indirectly!


  7. HP,

    Your kind words are appreciated. I hope that you can find people in Germany with a similar commitment to principle, that you can vote for in your next election. If not, maybe you should run for the Bundestag yourself. 😉


  8. here’s another (slightly more responsive at times) live donation tracker – http://paulcash.slact.net

  9. Thanks alot, paulcash is great!

    Well there shouldn’t be any question now that Ron Paul is receiving the largest single-day internet campaign donation ever, and that this is definitely a record-breaking day.

    Will the one day total be 4 million, 5 million, 6 million I’m not sure….but as Daily Paul explained, some of the credit card companies are staggering the donations to keep from crashing their computers. Some of the donations made today won’t actually go through until tomorrow. More money is on the way!


  10. […] Paul has become rather well known for his internet support. This has led to some surprising fundraising records and now what appears to be an invasion into Azeroth. Personally I’m reminded of the […]

  11. […] keep Paul’s message alive. We helped alert Paul supporters of the impending record-breaking $4.2 million dollar “5th of November” money bomb to Paul’s campaign in 2077. We covered the news of the even more massive, unbelievable $6 […]

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