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Ron Paul Smears, Interviews, and Defenders

Why Are They Afraid of Ron Paul? Neocons and Sectarian Leftists Unite

Couldn’t find the source of this article, it disappeared as I was posting it.

The conventional wisdom, prior to this [$4.3 million] breakthrough, was that the Paul campaign was political vaporware, existing exclusively online and not in the material world. Yet that meme is quickly falling by the wayside as his polling numbers are rocketing upwards, from New Hampshire to Nevada. . .Yes, the smears are getting really ugly, but precisely because of that the Smear Bund is generating a pro-Paul backlash, particularly among those who consider themselves liberals of the old school.

Ron Paul: A Republican Takes the Lead Against the War

From Rolling Stone.com

Ron Paul may be an old-school Republican, but no other candidate running for president — in either party — has spoken out against the war in Iraq as bluntly as he has.

Q. What do you make of Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and current U.S. posturing toward Iran?

RP. . . .We get hysterical over a guy who doesn’t have a single weapon, and nobody’s proven that he’s ever violated the arms-nonproliferation treaty. Matter of fact, the International Atomic Energy Agency is going to have an agreement with him by the end of the year. That’s why you have all of this warmongering going on: It is to try to find an excuse to start bombing him before they prove that he doesn’t have a chance of having a weapon. That’s exactly what we did with Iraq. I’m scared to death they’re getting ready to do that with Iran.

Ron Paul’s Donors vs. the Establishment’s Candidates

From LewRockwell.com

Of Ron Paul’s donors, the top three listed employers are Google, the Army and the Navy. Compare them to the media-anointed front runners of both parties, whose top donor lists read like a Who’s Who of the housing bubble and credit implosion ponzi-schemers behind the destruction of the US economy. Too bad the Old Media was too busy sniffing the FEC reports for wizards, clowns, strippers and Nazis to point this out.

Ron Paul distortions and smears

Glenn Greenwald at Salon.com

Greenwald dissects several Ron Paul smears piece by piece and exposes them for what they are, including the grossly false idea that Paul advocates outlawing flagburning.

I’m not trying to be Ron Paul’s advocate but, still, outright distortions and smears are distortions and smears. . .Paul’s efforts. . . may be “odd” in the sense that virtually nobody else seemed to care all that much about systematic unconstitutional actions, but that hardly makes him a “weirdo.”

3 Responses

  1. What Ron Paul (really, his supporters on the Web) is quickly to the American (World) table is no less than a revolution, harking back to 1776 and the Boston (*#%$%^&*###*!) Tea Party and Paul Revere, and all those old boys.

    Yeah, a lot of people have written bad stuff about the Founding Fathers (alas, there didn’t seem to be many Founding Mothers, except Betsy and Martha) but the bottom line is that they were going out on a big limb for the future…can hardly blame them for wanting to cash in a little, can you? I don’t blame Bill Gates or the Googlaires either….

    I’m voting for Kucinich, but actually I hope the two of them get together to really rock the boat.

    Kucinich/Paul or vice versa in MMVIII


  2. Paul / Kucinich = Libertarian / Socialist. Not a likely combo nation.

    Libertarian = non force. Socialist = lots of force.

  3. Paul has said Kucinich is his friend and “an honest man” but I kind of doubt they would share the same ticket, they do approach their defending of the constitution differently at times. I think it would be an interesting combination but Kucinich may be a better friend to have in Congress.

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