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Ron Paul Looking For Early New Hampshire Win

There is the very real possibility of Ron Paul winning in the New Hampshire primary, which may be held as early as December. A win in the “live free or die” state would have an amazing effect on the outcome of elections across the country, especially if the New Hampshire primary ends up being the first primary held in 2008, as it likely will be.

A Reuters article today about Ron Paul’s ‘maverick stand’ within the presidential elections said Paul’s fundraising successes could “influence the nominating primary in New Hampshire.” The article also noted Paul could likely take support from McCain in New Hampshire. Mitt Romney, the current NH poll leader, would face serious competition from Paul. Now with the December 16th “Tea Party” fundraising blitz in the works, Paul’s campaign success has the chance to skyrocket.

FreeMarketNews.com discussed the momentum builder a New Hampshire primary victory could provide Ron Paul:

Ron Paul could use a win in New Hampshire to provide momentum in other states – especially if New Hampshire positions itself as the nation’s first primary again. The state actually has considerable flexibility in terms of setting a primary. The system allows state officials to wait right up to the last minute before they commit to a date. It’s possible that the primary could be held in the second week of January, or even earlier, in December 07. This may explain why the Ron Paul campaign is not putting a lot of emphasis on Iowa but has just hired a campaign manager in New Hampshire with considerable professional experience.

Paul is also said to have the support of New Hampshire state Representative Barbara Hagan, a powerful figure in the GOP/conservative wing in the area. Another point worth noting is that New Hampshire voters tend to be in favor of small government, free markets, and low taxes, which are all positions that Paul champions.

From the Freemarketnews.com report: “Ron Paul could win in New Hampshire,” says a source close to the campaign. “It would be an explosive political act – one that would devastate the common wisdom. The mainstream media hasn’t realized it yet, but folks in New Hampshire take him seriously.”

A recent televised panel discussion at Southern New Hampshire University discussed Paul’s success calling him the candidate that keeps “talking about the damn constitution.” One panelist said that Paul will “tip over whole the apple cart. . .he’s going to do extremely well in New Hampshire,” and continued, “you drive around the state. . . there are more Ron Paul signs than for sale signs.” Another panelist said “he’s got tremendous support.” View the Political Chowder discussion below.

A group called Operation Live Free or Die” is working to ensure that Paul wins in New Hampshire, and are aware of the “snowball” effect it could have. They are looking for volunteers to help with grassroots campaigning leading up to the New Hampshire vote. Visit their website to volunteer your help or donate.


3 Responses

  1. rock it, Ron! i’d love to see him win this primary, makes me wish i lived in NH to be a part of “the shot heard round the world” as it were! 🙂


  2. Its going to be exciting to see what happens, the primaries are coming up fast! Apparently Operation Live Free or Die is funding travel expenses for supporters around the country to go to NH and help them.

  3. […] Paul supporters were hoping for a primary election kick-off in New Hampshire where Paul has stronger support and a better likelihood of winning and building […]

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