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Group hopes to ‘flood the Oval Office’ with 25,000 copies of the Constitution


The Center for Constitutional Rights plans to “flood the Oval Office with copies of the Constitution this holiday season … as a seasonal reminder that the Constitution needs to be upheld; not destroyed.”

If you add your name to the long list of signatures on this letter, CCR will send it along with another copy of the Constitution to the White House. The group is hoping to get more more than 25,000 signatures and to send that many Constitutions to President Bush by January 2008.

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Ron Paul Support Around the Country

These days there is so much positive Ron Paul news around the country that it is hard to keep up with it all. Here are just a handful of articles that have come out in the past few days. I’ve picked out some key paragraphs from these articles for those who just want to skim them, otherwise the original links are included also:

Ron Paul: 1st or 2nd in Iowa?

From the Iowa Independant

. . . State field director Steve Meyer is predicting a second or even first place finish in Iowa and a New Hampshire win. “You’re going o see Democrats go to the caucus, you’re going to see independents register as Republicans and go to the caucus. Look at the donations. We raised $4.2 million in one day and that all came from individuals. $20 here, $100 there and no other campaign is doing that.”

New Jersey legislator speaks out on why he endorsed Ron Paul

From USA Daily

I believe that members of our military recognize that our forces are not unlimited, and that the current policy of deployment in 130 different countries is not a sound military policy to provide an adequate defense to our country. I have three sons serving in the military, and I know that each joined to protect the United States, not to serve as a police force to prop up a foreign government. Ron Paul embraces the position that you do not deploy the military without a declaration of war as the Constitution requires. I strongly agree with that position.

Ron Paul Support in New York

From New York Press

“Either they’re going to be apathetic or they’re going to get on the Ron Paul train,” Knapp says.

“Word of mouth is key,” Knapp says. “Every Ron Paul supporter tells more people about it—it’s not like they keep it a secret.”

Across the country and even the world, 1,083 Ron Paul MeetUp groups have formed, more than for any other presidential candidate, of either party. The largest is in Austin, Texas, not far from the coastal district Paul calls home. With 775 members at last count, New York City’s ranks second.

Ron Paul, M.D. Speaks on Health Care

From the Dartmouth Review

. . . Paul began his remarks by telling students that, “the medical system is going well except for a few groups: the patients, the doctors, the hospitals, the labs, and the politicians. Everybody else is happy.”

. . . Paul noted that because of all these governmental programs “charity work doesn’t seem to exist anymore; yet there was a time when there was substantial charity work….We’ve gotten this way because the government put us this way.”

The Meaning Of Ron Paul’s Support

From TheDay.com, Connecticut

First, consider that Paul’s average donation on Nov. 5 was $103, more than twice as high as his average donation, and that the “money bomb” event was organized independently from his campaign. Paul’s supporters are individuals. They are not the weapons industry, corporations, special-interest groups, or anyone else seeking favor or privilege.

Paul’s supporters want honesty, openness, fairness, equality, prosperity and peace, not to mention our inalienable individual rights back. And they want America to stop meddling in the affairs of other peoples. This a bottom-up, grass-roots movement. And, it is coming on like gangbusters, a fact that concerns those who love power and authority.