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Ron Paul Climbs to 8% in NH Poll

CNN reports that “the percentage of support for Paul grew from 4 percent to 8 percent, putting him fourth among the GOP contenders in the Granite State.”

“The Texas congressman, who once ran for president on the Libertarian Party ticket, has gained notice as the sole advocate of a U.S. withdrawal from Iraq among the GOP field — and he raised eyebrows in Washington earlier this month when supporters claimed to have raised $4.3 million in a single day of online fund-raising. The figure can’t be independently confirmed until Federal Election Commission reports are filed at the end of the year.”

The report also noted that “Romney’s support grew from 25 percent to 33 percent over the same period; McCain held steady at 18 percent; and Giuliani dipped from 24 to 16 percent.”

7 Responses

  1. Ron Paul is a nice guy and all, but if you want a real candidate with real values, then you want Hillary Clinton. We need some change in America and we need it now.

    I like to think of America as a suffering patient, where Hillary is an experienced doctor. What we need here is some good medicine.

  2. Ok, who paid you to post that?

  3. That’s a very good question, since it’s actually true that the fat-cat Neocon campaigns ARE spending millions to pay college students (usually) to attend their otherwise unattended events. I first learned this at first-hand from college kids who were paid by Romney to attend the Iowa Straw Poll in Ames on Aug. 11. They told me that the Romney staff gave them generous money to cover “expenses” to drive out from Chicago, which included gas, hotel, food, tickets, and extras for themselves and their girlfriends! Ha ha! The rotten core of Neocon politics is finally being exposed to the sunshine by the Ron Paul Revolution.

  4. Oh, I forgot to mention that NONE of the thousands of Ron Paul Revolution activists in Ames were paid anything to be there. This is true at every Ron Paul event. I saw lots of paid Duncan Hunter “activists” at the Fort Worth, Texas straw poll. Mike Huckabee hadn’t paid anyone to attend in Texas, so there were just about zero Huckabee supporters there, unlike Ames, Iowa where Huckabee had paid for the buses, etc. The ONLY true 100% volunteer campaign is Paul’s. Add to that the fact that he’s also raising more REAL VOTER money than anyone else too! Hillary and Obama and Giuliani are getting “bundled” fat-cat money that comes from people like the Chinese guy who’s headed to jail for election funding crimes.

  5. Good points Kelso. Ron Paul is for real, so are his supporters.

    Some people seem to really be offended by that, which is very odd. I on the other hand am disturbed by people who would sell their votes for an ipod.

  6. hmmm… what kind of Ipod? Is it the new Nano?

  7. Lol, tempting, I know. Would an iPhone seal the deal for you?

    Here’s the story. . .

    20% of NYU students would sell their right to vote this election for an Ipod Touch.

    Well, this is good news for the candidates with money.

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