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Paul/Kucinich 2008?

Elizabeth Kucinich recently talked about the possibility of a Paul/Kuchinich presidential ticket in 2008, as well as her support for a new investigation into 9/11. I’ve heard Ron Paul mention before that he and Dennis are friends, and as Elizabeth mentions in this video they are fellow truth tellers. It is likely that Paul would pick a running mate with more in common ideologically than he and Kucinich, but if they did happen to run together it definitely would not be more of the same in Washington!

Dennis Kucinich recently blasted Democrats for their lack of leadership. I’m liking Kucinich more and more all of the time:

Democratic presidential candidate Dennis Kucinich said Wednesday the vow from his party’s leadership in Congress to stand up to President Bush on ending the war in Iraq amounts to a “total fraud.”

The Ohio congressman said the most recent House-passed plan to set a timetable for ending the war still would permit permanent bases in Iraq and allow Americans soldiers to train Iraqi military and police and to fight off insurgents.

“This is a fraud, a total fraud, and it breaks the promise the Democrats made to the voters that we would get out of Iraq,” Kucinich said of his own party’s congressional leadership during an interview Wednesday.

“They want to be on all sides of the issue. Instead of getting out of Iraq, we are getting in deeper,” Kucinich said.