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LewRockwell.com is Giving DLR Some Love

There was a link back to a post here on Daily Liberty Research from a Lew Rockwell.com article today. The article, written by Rick Fisk, explains the ridiculousness and irony surrounding the neocon media labeling Ron Paul supporters as “Dangerous Kooks.”

From the “Dangerous Kooks” article at Lew Rockwell.com:

Statists and warmongering neoconservatives (apologies for the redundancy) have been working overtime in an attempt to derail the Ron Paul Freedom Train. Since most of them have only involved themselves in war from behind a keyboard, the chicken-hawk generals (my new choice of names for the D.C. baseball club) aren’t proving themselves well-versed in political.

. . . Unable to provide their dwindling members with any real “dirt” on a man who has doggedly defended the Constitution these past 30 years, Ron Paul’s detractors have issued an inordinate number of words deriding his supporters. The effect has been humorous at best. Resolve is being hardened rather than weakened. Ironically, between the leftist progressives and the neoconservatives, the neoconservatives attacking Ron Paul are less honest. At least the progressive critics are attacking Ron Paul’s actual views.

. . .From neoconservatives in print, on the Internet and hosts of nationally syndicated television programs, we learned that Ron Paul and his followers were terrorists, conspiracy theorists, loony, kooky, isolationist, anachronistic and my favorite “Paultards.” This smacks of projection. I think these people owe our troops a few hundred thousand bouquets of flowers. These same pundits who claim that Ron Paul’s followers consist of neo-Nazis and conspiracy theorists, are the same people who see Nazi’s under every bed and a floral arrangement in the hands of every citizen liberated by Raytheon’s bunker busters.

The article had a link back from the word “loony” to a post I made commenting on Bill O’Reilly’s “loony fringe movement” rant, fingerpointing at Paul supporters. But like Fisk says in his article, while the neocons keep pointing one finger at peace-loving Americans, they have “four others pointed back at their tin-foil hats.”

I’ve been a fan of the Lew Rockwell writings for some time now and have been meaning to add the site to my blogroll, this seems like a good reason.

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