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Ron Paul Blimp Soon To Be Airborne


A recent glance at the Ron Paul blimp website shows that they have gathered over $500,000 in pledges which far exceeds their goal of raising $350,000 to fund the blimp’s flight. This is sure to be amazing publicity for the Ron Paul campaign.

According to the website “this will be the first ever presidential candidate in history to have a blimp with their name on it AND it will have been funded entirely by grass roots supporters.” The blimp will be procured for

one month’s time (100 flight hours) and begin its flight in Elizabeth City, North Carolina. From there the course hasn’t been set in stone yet, although a trip along East Coast cities seems likely. They are also holding a raffle to allow some of the donors to fly in the blimp with them.

A Youtube video advertisement for the blimp declares the money needed to be raised to December 1st (which it has), and that it we can expect it to fly over major events like the Super Bowl, although this will probably have to be a

different blimp since this one likely won’t have time to make it there.

An article on USA Daily and another video circulating the web are generating buzz that the blimp will land in Boston to help kick off the December 16th “Tea Party” fund raiser for Ron Paul.

Wherever and whenever the Ron Paul blimp actually takes flight, it is sure to turn heads and translate into more money and votes for Ron Paul.

Update 12.14.07 : The blimp has launched from Elizabeth City, North Carolina. Live feeds of the blimp can viewed at Ron Paul blimp.com along with a map of it’s current location. Also be sure to check the Ron Paul Blimp Blog for up to date photos and info about the flight.

Update 12.12.07: At Ron Paul blimp.com the website has now been updated to accept donations for ‘advertising time’, and the blimp is set to launch December 14th from Elizabeth City, NC. after some delays due to weather and acquiring artwork. Supporters are encouraged to attend the launch.

Update 12.03.07: A flight plan has been solidified for the blimp and any and every question one might have about the blimp is now answered on their website.


16 Responses


  2. I love it . I love it.
    I have made a pledge and will be so glad to send in the money for it.

    This will create more and more buzz and will help offset the main stream media’s lackluster performance
    in doing their job telling the public about Ron paul, our next President.

    congratulations to all involved with this super brilliant idea

  3. […] looks like the Ron Paul blimp will be a reality. I am really not sure what I think about it… I do think it is great that the grassroots are […]

  4. ummm, I’m pretty sure the money hasn’t been raised. You still have to collect the pledges, so don’t jump the gun and say it has been raised.

    But I will say I personally pledged $100, and kept my pledge low in case of false pledges.

  5. I am like looking cartoon the new person, comes to see your article today, can be the friend with me?

  6. Let’s hope they take John McCain for a ride —- a one-way ride!

    “Chipmunk away!”

  7. […] the Ron Paul Blimp idea apparently reached it’s $350K goal and the craft is set to launch on Dec. 10th for a month long tour of the nation. That website is now even raising money for advertising time on […]

  8. Great idea. That money is well spent since he’ll generate tons of publicity.


    So happy to think of a nice big shiny BLIMP for the Man. All pad for by his own devoted supporters. Americans no less. Amazing.

    Aussies for Ron Paul.

    Come on yanks. We’ve stuck with you this far, but have just about had enough of you at this point.
    This man could elevate the USA to favored nation status amongst the people of the world again. Something that seems impossible at this time.

  10. Thanks for your support Rabbit, its encouraging to see that you Aussies have elected an anti-war prime minister.

    “Many have given up on America as an exemplar for the world, as a model of freedom, self-government, and self-control. I have not.”
    —Ron Paul

    I’ve joined the Americans who haven’t given up either and I urge everyone to consider Paul’s message.

  11. Keep at it, Paultards. All you’ll do is split the conservative vote and deliver a Democrat to the White House in 2008.


  12. Hey Tom, I could not care less about “splitting the conservative vote”. No Democrat could possibly do any worse than Bush has done. It’s too bad people like you don’t wake up and support Paul – keep deluding yourself with your Fox News and your Limbaugh. Ron Paul is the only real conservative in the race and I will vote for nobody else in 2008.

    Huckabee=Edwards=Giuliani=Clinton, etc. Voting for the lesser of two evils is still voting for evil and I will be no part of it!

    Ron Paul 2008

  13. Tom Humphreys, please enlighten us. Could you define “conservative”?

  14. RON PAUL REVOLUTION!!!!!!!!!!!!

    “this country is in a revolution and im happy to be apart of it”

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