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Five For Freedom

I just sent in $5 to help the Ron Paul grassroots canvassing effort in New Hampshire. Click on the link above to send your $5. Ron Paul supporters from all over the country, mostly students, are flocking to New Hampshire in the coming weeks to knock on doors and spread the word. They need some monetary support.
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Too Many Ron Paul Supporters in SF, Straw Poll Canceled

The San Francisco Republican Alliance Meeting and Straw Poll is cut short after “too many Ron Paul supporters showed up.” Watch as chaos unfolds while meeting head Gail Neira explains the meeting is being canceled. Many unhappy Ron Paul supporters then peacefully voice their displeasure about being kicked out of the meeting after having to sit through an hour long pro-Fred Thompson speech.

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From Lew Rockwell: “Sins of The Fathers”

I just read this very moving article posted on Lew Rockwell.com. It’s written by a Vietnam vet who has a son that has served in Iraq, about the price we are paying as a people engaging in unnecessary wars.

“For decades now we have chosen to worship the state rather than ensure our freedom and liberty. The price we have chosen to pay is the lives of our children and grandchildren, sacrificed on the altar of empire and the bottom line of the military industrial congressional complex.”

“It is time to stop the madness.”

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