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Too Many Ron Paul Supporters in SF, Straw Poll Canceled

The San Francisco Republican Alliance Meeting and Straw Poll is cut short after “too many Ron Paul supporters showed up.” Watch as chaos unfolds while meeting head Gail Neira explains the meeting is being canceled. Many unhappy Ron Paul supporters then peacefully voice their displeasure about being kicked out of the meeting after having to sit through an hour long pro-Fred Thompson speech.

One of the Paul supporters in attendance recalls how it all played out: “Unfortunately, at around 9:45pm when the straw poll was about to take place, Gail Neira of the SF Republican Alliance, announced that she was cancelling the straw poll because it was unfair. She was referring to the approximately 40 Ron Paul supporters that were standing in the back of the room with Ron Paul signs.”

From Lew Rockwell.com:

An on-scene report from Jerry Cullen: “The San Francisco Republican Alliance headed by Gail Neira held their pre election banquet at the Holiday Inn at Fisherman’s Wharf in San Francisco last evening, December 4th, 2007. The gathering was advertised as a gala affair of loyal Republicans to be followed by a straw poll to select the favorite Presidential Candidate. The featured speaker was Republican State Senator Sam Aanesta (CA 4th SD). The Senator treated the audience to an hour long election pitch for Fred Thompson that cured the insomnia of all in attendance. After endless delays of meaningless trivia the doors were opened to the late comers to the straw poll each of whom had paid $5 for admission. The flood of Ron Paul supporters entered the room to join an already substantial number of Ron Paul supporters that had attended the ‘banquet’.

“A shocked Gail Neira in consultation with the Fred Thompson Northern CA Coordinator cancelled the straw poll vote offering a series of fraudulent, incomprehensible and incoherent reasons. The result was chaos as more than one hundred Ron Paul supporters objected to the outright deception. Neira’s ratings reached a level of unreality beyond description. Security was called to evict the peaceful if upset Ron Paul followers. When I asked that a picture be taken to attest to security attacking the 79-year-old me, security turned and disappeared.

This 3rd video shows that Ron Paul received second place in a “San Francisco For Democracy” non-partisan straw poll in SF, Dennis Kucinich won first place, and all other candidates receiving votes were Democrats.

5 Responses

  1. Ron Paul appears to be the perfect libertarian/Republican. But is it an act?

  2. You might need to elaborate on that Mick.

  3. Wonderfully revealing videos. Does anyone have any more info on the Democratic straw poll? Great stuff.

  4. Crackerjaxon, I just found a website called “San Francisco for Democracy.” Apparently they are the group that held the ‘democratic’ straw poll in which Paul came in second. But it turns out that they are a non-partisan group— my mistake for not verifying it, I’ll update that in my post.

    However, all of the candidates that received votes in the straw poll were democrats except Paul, and this is San Francisco were talking about, so still a great finish for Paul!

    Read more about it here:


  5. I bet they wouldn’t have cancelled the poll if instead of Ron Paul supporters there were 40 Thompson supporters.

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