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Ron Paul’s Hour With Glenn Beck

After equating Ron Paul supporters with terrorists and alienating them from his viewership, Beck seemingly has offered an olive branch to Dr. Paul (and Paul’s supporters) giving him a full hour on Beck’s CNN show.

Whether or not the interview is completely unbiased is probably not the main issue, as there were definitely some questions from Beck that weren’t the most appropriate — or intelligent for that matter. As Paul has said about media, “they have their right to be biased.” Sometimes I just wish the media would be less biased and more eager to exercise their right to be fair and truthful. Nevertheless, Beck did let Paul answer his questions and say what he wanted to.

Ultimately it gave Dr. Paul an opportunity to present his positions in greater detail and to a wide audience. Beck deserves some credit at least for allowing that. It was interesting to hear Beck again reference Cleon Skousen’s book, “The 5000 Year Leap.” (Especially given the fact that Skousen’s nephew Joel recently said Beck “isn’t a legitimate conservative,” likely referring to Beck’s comments equating Ron Paul supporters with terrorists.)

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