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Emergency Call To Help Ron Paul VoteWatch

With the exclusion of Ron Paul from the Fox News Forum to be held two days before the New Hampshire primary, there is little question that groups are and will be using some fraudulent tactics attempting to alter the COUNT of the Ron Paul vote. Voter fraud in Iowa and New Hampshire is pretty much guaranteed.

Why is voter fraud nearly guaranteed? Questionable reliability of voting machines, questionable ballot security, and the voter fraud that blatantly occurred during the straw polls and during previous elections. There is a real threat of the final vote counts being manipulated at some level.

Watch the Vote 2008.com is asking for people to volunteer in Iowa and New Hampshire to help ensure accurate, legitimate vote counts. Follow this link to SIGN UP TO VOLUNTEER TO WATCH THE VOTE.

Volunteers can also help the VoteWatch by double-checking the vote counts from your home computer. Sign up at Vote Watch 2008.com.

More information about what the volunteers are being asked to do can be found here. Read the following excerpt about why the vote watch is needed in Iowa:

The danger is that the results called in by the local people will be falsified at the state level. This is what happened in the 1996 Iowa Presidential Caucuses, on February 12, 1996 . The local Iowans conducted themselves with integrity and honor: they did their job. They voted by paper ballot, and immediately counted the results in front of everyone present in each precinct. The leader then accurately called the votes into the state level operatives. THIS IS WHERE THE DANGER OF VOTE FRAUD IS IN THE IOWA CAUCUSES.

The state GOP headquarters of Iowa designated Voter News Service of New York City to take the phone calls from the local county and precincts leaders at the Iowa Caucus that year. This whole event is recounted in the article, A House Without Doors, available online.

Voter News Service is a corporation then owned jointly by ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN and AP wire. (FOX did not exist in 1996, but became part of the cabal in 1998.) Voter News Service, based in New York City , then simply falsified the results and sent them out over AP wire. The major media published the false results from AP wire, which “results” have stood to this day. A team in Dubuque , Iowa proved via eyewitnesses that Voter News Service stole 13% of Presidential Patrick Buchanan’s vote in Dubuque County alone. (870 Buchanan votes were reduced by Voter News Service to 757 votes.)

The idea in 2008 is for citizen correspondents to watch all 99 counties in Iowa , instead of just the one county of Dubuque County, Iowa .


2 Responses

  1. I don’t know if you mean literally “watching” the votes… but that would be a violation of the purpose of the Australian Ballot, and it sounds like what happened during the infamous Gilded Age. I do doubt a some sinister conspiracy against Paul… he’s just not that serious of a candidate…

  2. Matt I don’t think you understand the whole idea of the vote watch. Maybe the wording of my post could have been better, I’ve changed it now, but the idea is avoid vote manipulation, not cause it. They need “vote watchers” to make sure the COUNT is legitimate and not altered in any way. So for an Australian style ballot, this means the ballots need to be watched and kept secure to ensure no foul play or manipulation of the count. The caucuses are a little different and often not Australian ballots. Sometimes the caucus vote simply involves a show of hands. The proper count needs to be ensured, double-checked, and verified. The point is to make sure everything is done legitimately. If you follow some of the provided links you’ll understand what is involved.

    Specifically Iowa is said to be the “cleanest run major election contest in the United States at the LOCAL level. The danger of fraud happens at the STATE level, after the local folks have phoned their votes in to the central counting entity.” So having a proper count at each local caucus is essential, that way there won’t be the chance of the state altering the counts after they’re submitted.

    As far as Paul not being a serious candidate, he’s raised more money than any other republican this quarter, has a substantially larger and more active support base, and is supported by more military personnel, is likely a top 3 finisher in Iowa and New Hampshire, etc, etc.

    “Not a serious candidate” is getting to be a tired and ignorant claim. He’s definitely being purposefully excluded from debates, forums, polls, and there has been voter fraud in the straw polls. I have several posts on this blog showing the evidence of that.

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