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Iowa, Get Out and VOTE FOR RON PAUL!!!

Today is the big day for the Iowa caucus! Find out where to vote here.

Many are predicting a strong showing for Ron Paul today, but we have to make it happen.

Come on people we can win this thing! Let’s get Ron Paul a top three finish in Iowa and give everyone something to talk about today (and make Fox News eat their words) . For some extra inspiration — not that you should need it — here are a couple of nice Ron Paul clips from yesterday:

When asked by Wolf about Fox News excluding him from the Sunday debate Paul responded, “. . . We’ve called and called and called and we’ve never received the invitation. . . It’ll be interesting to see what would happen if we do well tomorrow and they allow somebody into that forum that I might be able to beat tomorrow, so I think they’ve sort of put themselves into a box.”

3 Responses

  1. […] Read more: Iowa, Get Out and VOTE FOR RON PAUL!!! […]

  2. I wrote Ron Paul in on my ballot here in Kettering, Ohio & I personally felt like I just won the election.
    We are not done yet & we will be back.
    America does not belong to money.
    It belongs to all of us.
    We will get things changed no matter how long it takes.
    This is just the beginning for us & we did well.
    Ever heard of Ron Paul?
    You have now!

  3. You only lose if you don’t vote for the best candidate, and in this election year that candidate is Ron Paul.

    The Revolution will continue, there are enough good people out there who “get it” and who refuse to give up that eventually things will get changed. I just hope the country doesn’t have to get too much worse before the rest of the people finally wake up.

    Get out and write in Ron Paul today people!

    Or at least vote third party — they are the only true candidates for change.

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