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Huckabee, Paul and the Iowa Caucus Results

I’ve listed the Iowa results below, but here are my thoughts on the first caucus. Paul made a good showing and finished basically in 4th place in Iowa, with McCain and Thompson tied for 3rd, and Giuliani barely even placed with 3% of the Iowa vote.

Paul’s 10% is a great finish for many reasons. One, he was excluded from the upcoming Fox News debate because of supposed low polling numbers nationwide, but Giuliani was invited while only receiving 3% of the Iowa vote. This just confirms again that Fox is favoring the neocon GOP candidates, and that Paul has a stronger percentage of the GOP vote than the media and pollsters are reporting. Most pollsters had Paul between 3% and 6% in Iowa. CNN today failed to list Paul’s name next to his 10% section on a pie chart showing the GOP vote percentages, while listing the other candidates names. Make no mistake about this, Ron Paul’s support was vastly underreported and downplayed by the media.

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