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Huckabee, Paul and the Iowa Caucus Results

I’ve listed the Iowa results below, but here are my thoughts on the first caucus. Paul made a good showing and finished basically in 4th place in Iowa, with McCain and Thompson tied for 3rd, and Giuliani barely even placed with 3% of the Iowa vote.

Paul’s 10% is a great finish for many reasons. One, he was excluded from the upcoming Fox News debate because of supposed low polling numbers nationwide, but Giuliani was invited while only receiving 3% of the Iowa vote. This just confirms again that Fox is favoring the neocon GOP candidates, and that Paul has a stronger percentage of the GOP vote than the media and pollsters are reporting. Most pollsters had Paul between 3% and 6% in Iowa. CNN today failed to list Paul’s name next to his 10% section on a pie chart showing the GOP vote percentages, while listing the other candidates names. Make no mistake about this, Ron Paul’s support was vastly underreported and downplayed by the media.

I echo Lew Rockwell’s thoughts: “Ronald Reagan lost the Iowa caucuses in 1980 before going on to victory. And this year, Ron Paul got more than 10% of a bunch dominated by older party hacks, neocons, Bush lovers, and religious rightists. It was NOT a group equivalent to the people of Iowa, let alone the people of New Hampshire or the rest of the country. Indeed, considering the media hate and suppression campaign waged almost unanimously against him, this was a credible finish.”

A point to reemphasize is that Paul’s support in New Hampshire is considerably stronger and I expect an even higher finish there for him. I see Ron Paul’s showing in the primaries continuing to grow stronger because by and large his support base is politically educated and highly motivated.

There is talk that Thompson will be pulling out of the race and backing McCain, this may or may not happen after his finish today. I’m very surprised that Thompson even got as many votes as he did, maybe he is too. He hasn’t really taken a clear stand on many of the issues, especially in the televised debates that I’ve watched where he often looked like an actor who forgot his lines. What gives anyone the impression that he could lead the country?

What can I say about Huckabee, on this blog we’ve detailed his blatant disregard for the Constitution, his record level of spending while governor of Arkansas, his deliberate handing over of taxpayer funds to illegal immigrants, along with his sketchy deals made with the Mexican government selling out U.S. sovereignty. May the truth come out and Americans be ready to properly discern it when it does.

Update: 10:40 CST


Huckabee 34%
Romney 25%
Thompson 13%
McCain 13%
Paul 10%
Giuliani 3%
Hunter 0%


Obama 38%
Edwards 30%
Clinton 29%
Richardson 2%
Biden 1%
Kucinich 0%
Gravel 0%
Dodd 0%

Ron Paul Revolution Radio will be having continuous coverage throughout the night with a post caucus report starting at 8PM CST. Here are some websites where the Iowa Caucus results will be posted: Politico.com, IowaGOP.net.

Liberty Broadcast Network
This website has been set up by an independent group as “a check and balance against any accidental errors or deliberate falsifications of the vote by the Republican Party of Iowa, or the consortium of the 5 Big TV Networks.” Volunteers working for the network will “upload to the internet the actual results of the Iowa Presidential Caucus of 2008 – as witnessed by Iowans who attend these caucuses.”

2 Responses

  1. As far as Huckabee goes, Iowa was a strong area for him, that isn’t necessarily the case in other states. Besides, he’s primarily being supported on the backs of religious zealots who have a cult-like devotion to him because he’s an evangelical — nationwide they are a minority.

    If Huck wins the Republican nomination say hello to a Democrat in the White House because there’s no way Huckabee will have the independent support to win in November. Like you said Huck isn’t even a real conservative, he’s a closet Democrat running as a Republican — why not just vote for an admitted (non religious freak) Democrat instead?

    Ron Paul did fine in Iowa, especially considering the circumstances. It’s only one state and I’m very optimistic about New Hampshire and beyond. Ron Paul is in this for the long haul.

  2. Huckabee vs. Obama would make Little Big Horn look like a fair fight.

    Ron’s FIFTH place finish (my man Fred 3rd, McCain 4th) with 10% is indeed good enough to be invited to the Fox debate; I say that as a FredHead.

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