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The Real Story in Wyoming

Here is some very interesting insight into the Wyoming caucus found at Ron Paul forums. The post was made under the name of “Helmuth Hubener”:

OK, so I have read through your negative threads and will now proceed to tell you the true inside story.

Wyoming did not go nearly so bad as you are making it out to be.

In my county, the Ron Paul delegate got 45.6% of the vote. Rejected by party hacks? Hardly. We stormed the barricades, crashed their party, and almost, *almost*, won it all. Unfortunately, Romney’s guy got 54%. So we made a good show. If we could have switched over 4 Romney people or got 8 more of our people out, we would have had it (you can calculate this, but the result was 37-44). Oh well.

It was probably largely my fault for not doing enough early enough to get everyone registered and jumped throught the hoops back in December. We had several Ron Paul supporters that could not vote because they hadn’t met registration deadlines and this and that, some that came to the caucus this Saturday (for moral support and to see it, man the table, help however they could; they couldn’t vote, due to not doing aforementioned hoop-jumping). Including Wyo_Lars! Thanks Wyo_Lars!! Still, 45% is not exactly haplessly weak. We did well!

Even one delegate from Wyoming would have been major victory. Iowa gave Paul 2 delegates, after a ton of focus, time, campaigning there, millions of dollars spent, etc., and they are a much larger state with millions of people. If little Wyoming with just 1/2 million people could have got 1 delegate for Paul, especially when we’ve had very little attention from the national RP campaign, I would have considered that we pulled our own weight.

Alas, it was not to be for my county.

And finally, I saved the best (or maybe the worst) for last: in Fremont County we also lost… by one vote. One vote.

Ron Paul is a frontrunner, make no mistake. Non-frontrunners don’t get 45% of the vote. We just weren’t very organized. All you meetup people need to realize: you ARE the campaign.

If YOU do not make it happen, no one else will!


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