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It’s Not Just Us or Ron Paul, Its the Message

I can’t believe some people are willing to concede to defeat so fast after the New Hampshire results. I’ve seen a blog saying “the revolution is over,” or one said “the polls are correct” and insinuated that we give up on getting Paul elected (as if to suggest the actual vote totals are insignificant).

As of right now Ron Paul has more delegates than Giuliani or Hunter, and more total votes than Giuliani, Hunter, and Thompson. There’s a chance that victories in other states could still make Paul eligible for the nomination. It’s not over. Many in our nation are calling for real leadership and Dr. Paul has already given that to us. Let’s double our peaceful, grassroots efforts and spread the message of hope.

Some people are blaming the low New Hampshire numbers on the Hannity incident. Ridiculous. I disagree with those supporter’s form of aggressive tactics but this was a handful of people. There was more actual evidence of voter fraud causing low numbers for Paul than the yelling at Hannity thing, even Rush Limbaugh today was discussing the probability of fraud in NH.

Don’t forget that only 3 states have voted so far, there’s still time for people to wake up, especially if the rest of us don’t go back to sleep and give in to the disinfo and propaganda that is touted daily.

As Ron Paul always says, “its not me its the message.” I’ll add that its not just us (his supporters) either, its the message. Most of us have wondered if Ron Paul wouldn’t win the presidency (because of either suppression by the media, voting fraud, or outright ignorance and complacency among Americans). But we knew that the message of freedom and the proper role of government would be able to regain a foothold, and it has. Thats a victory in my book.

The large majority of the principles that Dr. Paul espouses aren’t new, and have found a place either in people’s hearts or governments at various times throughout the history of the world. I’ve chosen to support this message of truth, freedom, responsibility and good government that transcends all of us (whether you’re a Ron Paul supporter or not). The candidate or position may change but these are either true principles or they’re not. They will either make ourselves and our nation better or they won’t. You have to make your own decision, I’ve already made mine. All of this start with each of us individually— the ideas of peace, integrity, unalienable rights, virtuous leadership, etc.


2 Responses

  1. thanks for the level headed response as you hit the nail on the head as ron paul supporters need to keep it real as this is a long road to travel for sure DO NOT PANIC. bottom line is take a good long look at whats happening and proceed with logic as dont get caught up in the hype as many forces are trying to screw with your head as this is just the start of a major war and the good dr. has the cash to keep sending the message out. you are right n.h. and iowa is just a mere blip as the good dr paul has held his own so far even due to blatant media blackout. im the 1st to agree that a n.h. 3rd would have been sweet but n.h. is not the state it used to be as a lot of folks have moved in to that state to change its karma. bottom line the truth the message his no brainer honesty and track record and a nightmare economy will at some point and time wake folks up probably to late but just my call. people will have to realize our dollar is in the toilet and our debt is crumbling the usa and the middle class is being wiped out as we speak. dr. paul is the only logical answer as he understands economics jeez he is a genius but yet his message is so simple. its a shame that joe 6 pack cant get this message and digest it. even so called logical educated thinking people are out to lunch on this one. i just despise to think when everyone is in the soup line and their kids are starving what they will think of dr. paul reruns on the tube as they recoil in horror if they would have only listened to the message. oh im sorry they probably wont even be able to see it as they will be out on the street or living at their parents house since their stock portfolio aint worth s—. hey ive always looked at the glass half full in my 50 years on this planet but folks we are in for a rough road unless dr. paul gets a good hold of the reins, dr. paul you could do so much for our country as my respect for you runs deep sir as i UNDERSTAND YOUR MESSAGE,steve

  2. Our country NEEDS Ron Paul! We the people should come out in millions and crusade for this man. If he is not elected, then this country is doomed. And yes, you can see how they are fixing the votes. We listen to the Power Hour on shortwave and they had quite alot of evidence to back this up. I hope for all of us, it’s not too late. WE NEED TO TAKE OUR COUNTRY BACK. The government should answer to the people!

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