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Voter Fraud in New Hampshire?

Update 1.15.08: They need another $5,000 to move forward with the NH recount. Donate at Granny Warriors chip-in site.

This is something I didn’t want to have to make a post about, but I’ve found too much evidence to completely ignore or say that voter fraud isn’t or couldn’t be taking place.

From the Ron Paul War Room:

According to a post this evening on the Ron Paul Forums, vote fraud occurred in Sutton, New Hampshire:

Sutton with 100% reporting reported 0 votes for paul but poster in Sutton posted:
My mom, aunt, and dad all voted for RP today in my hometown, My mom and aunt both work passing out ballots, and checking them off. I just looked at the politico map and it says their town has ZERO votes for Ron. Now i know that there isn’t corruption on voting in
that little town, so where they reported it must be. What do I do, anyone know???

From Black Box Voting.com:


I just got off the phone with Jennifer Call, Town Clerk for Sutton. She confirmed that the Ron Paul totals in Sutton were actually 31, and said that they were “left off the tally sheet” and it was human error.

This is not an acceptable answer, especially because one of the most common forms of fraud in a hand count system is to alter or omit results on the reporting sheet. Hand count is lovely, transparent. They then fill out another reconciliation sheet, often in front of witnesses, and it looks fine. Then they provide a summary or media sheet with the incorrect results.

A Web site here: http://www.wheresthepaper.org has more on fraud techniques with hand counted paper ballots. You’ll have to dig for it — or Google, and the excellent research on this is Theresa Hommel from the state of New York.

Another blogger reported this discrepancy:

In a straw poll conducted in Strafford County, New Hampshire on Aug 18th, Ron Paul won in a landslide with 73% (208 votes).

Last night in the NH primaries, he came in fourth with 11% (96 votes) in Strafford County.

I have a hard time believing that Ron Paul supporters are that fickle (changing their vote to a different candidate), or that they wouldn’t show up for the primaries but that they got people out to the straw poll. Or was the straw poll somehow stacked by Paul supporters? I doubt it. Whatever the deal is, it doesn’t add up.

The bottom line is that there seems to be something fishy going on with the New Hampshire results. I can basically understand 10% in Iowa, but only 7.5% in NH? The “live free or die state”? They’re all about freedom and they love Dr. Paul there.

This whole thing needs to be examined very carefully. Here’s the town by town numbers in NH, although the columns aren’t matched up properly right now.

Brad Blog is questioning the democratic side of the NH primary, noting the pre-election polls were “wildly different” than the final results announced for Clinton and Obama.

Those Diebold op-scan machines are the exact same ones that were hacked in the HBO documentary, Hacking Democracy. See the previous report, as I recommend, which also includes a video of that hack, and footage of the guy who runs LHS Associates.

That said, the the pre-election pollster’s numbers (NOTE: that’s not Exit Polls, but Pre-Election Polls!) were dead-on, for the most part, on the Republican side, as well as on the Democratic side. Except in the do-or-die (for Hillary) Clinton v. Obama race. I’m watching MSNBC right now, and they all seem to agree that the results, for the moment, defy explanation.

Exit polls had Obama with a victory over Hillary.

Here CNN mentions the possibility of Voter Fraud Causing the high Hillary numbers:

Paul Joseph Watson reported earlier today about the hackability of New Hampshire’s LHS/Diebold vote counting machines:

LHS is owned by John Silvestro, who has been at the center of a long-running public dispute in trying to deflect accusations made by hacker Harri Hursti that the machines can easily be rigged. . .In this You Tube video, Silvestro constantly interrupts Hursti’s testimony in front of the New Hampshire legislature.

Princeton University Exposes Diebold Flaws

Here are some other websites with more information:



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13 Responses

  1. I think there’s something happening here. The original exit polls showed Ron Paul ahead of Rudy Giuliani 10% to 8.5%… they “updated” them after the “real” results showed Giuliani ahead of Paul. Clearly there was fraud in NH.

  2. When I was watching CNN I noted very clearly at the start of the night that Giuliani and Paul were neck in neck, bet throughout the night, Paul’s percentage dropped, and the gap between Giuliani and Paul increased. Maybe nothing, but definitely noticeable at the time.

  3. If 31 votes went to Dr. Paul in Sutton County and the ultimate count registered “0” there can be no question that tampering went on. Multiply that by all the counties that voted and I’d wager Dr. Paul was cheated out of at least third place…at least! I’m telling everyone I know to get on board and understand their vote is being manipulated big time!

  4. They had Paul at 14% the day before voting. Then out of no where he dropped to 11% and then down to 8% on election day. Paul had a 6% drop in voter turnout. Impossible folks. Obama was screwed as well.

  5. Also checkout the ronpaulwarroom.com because I can’t believe how many OTHER votes there were by each county. Over 50 counties had over 50 other votes. One county had over 600 other votes!!! Something ain’t right…

  6. Well, no one can be surprised. Really. You know what is running our gov and therefore our voting machinery.

    We have known this a long time. Yet, here we are.

  7. Please visit our web site to understand what is going on. Voter fraud is indeed possible but the real answer can be found on the first post in this link.


  8. You’re right slivermoon22, it is sad though that this is now the norm rather than the exception. Today even neocon Limbaugh was talking about probable voter fraud in New Hampshire — but in reference to Hillary and Obama of course — and he isn’t exactly one to question the system or status quo.

  9. I hear a lot of complaining and venting about what they are doing to our vote…. The question is… HOW ARE YOU ALL FIGHTING BACK? We need to fight!!! They are stealing our FREEDOM! Diebold is their tool!

  10. Yeah, it sucks (to put it mildly). We are aware of the scope of the problem, we are trying to get a recount, we are signing petitions. More pressure should be put on the system by contacting our representitives in government — what else do you suggest that we do? I’m open to suggestions.

  11. Contribute to the NH recount fund setup by the Granny Warriors.


    We need to raise the funds quickly so spread the word.

  12. When in the course of human events it becomes necessary for one people ot dissolve political ties with another. We are past that point. It is time for the people of the Several States to withdraw their consent from Washington. Join a secession movement, it really is the only answer. If the feds see it happening all over America, it will put them in check. People just paying taxes, going along inspite of what they are doing, will GET US NOWHERE. The Southern States all alreasy have articles of secession and they need to be re-asserted. The other states can simply draw them up. Put Arizona Secession in your google and see what they did in the year 2000. Do not discount this bold opportunity, it is the only answer to a corrupt system that is destined for destruction and the ash heap of history. I propose a toast said President Jackson to his cabinet. He then said, “to Union”. Vice President John C. Calhoun said “I drink to LIBERTY not Union. President Jackson made it clear that the toast was to Union, and so the Vice President said very well to Union, AND LIBERTY!!!!!!!!

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