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Candidate Steps Forward to File For NH Recount

Update: 1.11.08
Granny Warriors reporting that Howard has filed for the recount in NH and paid the fee.

Looks like the recount is on. Thank you Albert Howard, whoever you are.

From Granny Warriors NH Recount blog:

We have a candidate [Albert Howard] that is willing to go to NH and file for the recount. We have paid his air fare and he is on his way as of 4 PM EST. He has tomorrow to file.

We will be sending him the money as he needs it to assure us and you that each district or precinct is counted plus more funds are needed to complete the process.

Alex Jones has agreed to help us out and everyone seems to be working together to get this done.

They have set up a Chip-In to raise the necessary funds for the recount which initially they said would be $65,000 if Paul asked for the recount, but it may only be $2,000 if a candidate like Howard, who got less than 3% of the vote, calls for the recount.

Ann Arbor man plans recount of N.H. Republican primary
Detroit Free Press(1.10.08)

Albert Howard, would-be presidential contender from Ann Arbor, said today he has discussed a recount of the Republican vote in Tuesday’s primary in New Hampshire with the secretary of state’s office, and plans to fly to New Hampshire by the end of the day Friday to pay the required fee and start the recount.Howard, one of 42 so-called minor candidates in the primary, received 44 votes in the primary, according to the official tally. But at one point during the night’s vote counting, Howard said his tally was over 170 votes, making him wonder what happened.

Howard said today that he discussed his recount request with William Gardner, the secretary of state. Howard must pay a $2,000 fee to start the recount process, but the costs could be much higher, he said. He must pay all the associated costs, which includes police who would go with the ballot counters to each county. “I’ve got backers who will pay the costs,” Howard said.

Gardner was not immediately available today. A secretary said Howard must pay the fee and make his formal request tomorrow by 5 p.m. to trigger the recount. The recount would be of every candidate on the Republican ballot, not just the votes cast for Howard, she said.

Howard, a chauffeur for Checker Sedan and father of eight, paid $1,000 to be on the New Hampshire ballot as a Republican presidential candidate. He is not on the ballot in any other states, most of which, like Michigan, require petitions signed by several thousand voters to get a candidate’s name on the ballot.

One Response

  1. Go Ann Arbor!!!! Go Michigan!!!! Go Blue!!! Go Albert Howard!!! Go Ron Paul!!! Thank you Albert Howard!!! Go get ’em!!!!

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