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Bill Moyers Comments on Fox News Owner Rupert Murdoch

Bill Moyers recently interviewed Ron Paul (as well as Dennis Kucinich) and it was one of the fairest and best interviews with him that I’ve seen. Here Moyers gives us his take on media mogul Rupert Murdoch who “when it comes to money and power (is) carnivorous — all appetite.”

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The Spirit of Freedom and Ron Paul

James Madison said, “a spirit of liberty and patriotism animates all degrees and denominations of men.”

There is definitely something happening in the country where the Spirit of Freedom is spreading and people are waking up. Here is a good video representing this and also some thoughts about freedom and the Ron Paul Revolution.

From Reason.tv/RoughCut:

“Two nights before the New Hampshire primary I walked outside Murphy’s Taproom for some fresh air and bumped into a throng of Ron Paul supporters doing the same thing. The passionate conversation between Drew Rushford, Andrew Wyndham and Nick Ramaglia was so interesting that I taped it and uploaded it here.”

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