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The Amnesty Agenda

This report from Lou Dobbs discusses yet another example of how twisted things are getting in this country. The Mexican government is spending millions to change U.S. immigration policy as well as to influence the outcome of our 2008 presidential elections — which of course also influences immigration policy. We are being sold out by international corporations and spineless politicians. Time to elect Ron Paul and legalize the Constitution perhaps?

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4 Responses

  1. Unbelievable! Current laws should be enforced and the politicians should listen to voters. Maybe all Americans should revolt and not pay any taxes, dicontinue health insurance, decline auto insurance and sell our SS numbers to the highest illegal bidder.

  2. Lou Dobbs is epitome of the self-righteous holier then thou hypocritical iconic idiot. Every American enjoys the economic benefits of immigrants Mexican, Latin or otherwise. They are the bottom feeders of our social economic food chain that our society feeds on to fulfill our insatiable appetite for materialistic goods and services. We use them like toilet paper, treat them like trash and have the audacity to be so self indignant, self righteous and spout off that we don’t like or want “illegal Mexican immigrants”. No mention of other “illegal immigrants” from other parts of the world. Just the “Mexican” ones.

    The reality is that immigrants Mexican or otherwise have a dramatic positive economic impact on the lives of every single American living in the country.

    The notion that a fence south of the border will mitigate illegal immigrants from crossing the border is idiotic. The vast majority of the immigrants are crossing the border because there is demand for their labor, they are being hired, citizens benefit from their sweat labor, and the so called monies they send “home” is an economic relief valve for inflation. The vast majority of immigrants are not drug dealers or criminals. The reality is that they are ordinary people trying to make a living for themselves and their families.

    If we really wanted to curb illegal immigrants crossing the border, all we have to do is provide them work visas. Apparently the supply and demand for their sweat labor and work visas we’re willing to provide are not in balance. If it were, we wouldn’t have immigrants crossing the border illegally, and they would be paying taxes to the benefit of our society.

    The real hypocrisy is that underneath all the rhetoric, this is not really about Mexican immigrants crossing the border illegally. It is in fact fascist racism disguised as nationalism. Lou’s fascist rhetoric is offensive and his ignorance about raising a fence south of the border is nothing more than a rally cry to the ignorant racist populace in the US.

    Lou Dobbs should be exposed for what he really is. A fascist racist.

    Lou Dobbs – Get a life.

    Lou Dobbs Epitaph – illegal Mexican immigrant bashing and raising a fence south of the border.

    I suppose that is his calling in life.

    He should be awarded the Nobel Peace Prize.

    It’s good to know that the vast majority of the human race has a higher calling.

  3. Immigration is one those issues, like abortion, race, gay rights and some others, where debate frequently deteriorates into hostility, finger-pointing and people talking past one another. It’s also an issue where the point of view of both sides, if taken to extremes, can result in absurd conclusions. The position that says “open borders, no matter what” would provide no barrier to tens if not hundreds of millions of immigrants potentially setting up shanties on public streets and squatting on public lands until American cities began to resemble Calcutta or Rio de Janeiro. Even mass immigration from regions with similar levels of economic development (like Japan and other Pacific Rim countries, Australia and New Zealand or Western Europe) would result in serious problems pertaining to overcrowded schools and neighborhoods, burdens on entitlements, social services and public transportation systems, ecological damage and effects on wage and employment rates. However, the position that says “zero immigration, no matter what” also brings with it certain destructive implications, not the least of which is the likelihood that a Something-like police state would be necessary for its enforcement.

  4. You’re right americanchaos. That is why there must be a balanced approach to immigration, one in which legal immigration is allowed and regulated while ILLEGAL immigration is drastically reduced and the incentives for it are eliminated.

    Garfield… first of all, calling anyone who opposes ILLEGAL immigration a “fascist racist” is the last resort of an intellectually weak mind on the losing side of a debate. I know, you are just looking for sympathy — but why not back up your argument with facts instead of playing the race card and name-calling? While you’re at it why not get a dictionary and look up the words “fascist” and “xenophobic” before incorrectly spouting them in your next diatribe so you sound a little less foolish?

    Just so you know, LOU DOBBS IS MARRIED TO A MEXICAN AMERICAN WOMAN. He’s not a racist. Many Mexican Americans are opposed to ILLEGAL immigration for the same reasons other Americans are and they aren’t racists either! Lou Dobbs is only advocating the enforcement of what is already on the books as law in this country. Your claim that the “vast majority of [you left out ‘ILLEGAL’] immigrants” are not criminals is 100% false. Every single person in this country who came here ILLEGALLY is breaking the law and therefore IS A CRIMINAL. They should expect to be dealt with accordingly. Legal immigrants of all races are welcome here, nobody is opposed to that and therefore your charges of xenophobia are also patently false. There is absolutely nothing wrong with actually wanting to follow and enforce immigration laws. Nobody who comes here ILLEGALLY deserves to be here. ILLEGAL immigrants have no entitlement to anything but their basic human rights and a trip back home – regardless of where they are from.

    As a U.S. citizen I would not expect to go to another country ILLEGALLY and be allowed to stay there indefinitely feeding off of their system. It has absolutely nothing to do with racism, it’s just common sense. It’s true there are people here ILLEGALLY from countries other than Mexico. They get a lot of attention though because with 20 million ILLEGAL Mexican immigrants here Mexico is by far the biggest offender. We just don’t seem to have that problem with Canada my friend. Why doesn’t Mexico spend their 100 million dollars on fixing their own country so people will actually want to live there instead of meddling with the elections and foreign policy of the United States? Here’s another idea: how about all of these noble hard-working ILLEGAL immigrants spend their efforts fixing the problems in their own countries as well — if that is impossible then prove to us how good of a person you are by obeying the laws and immigrating here legally. Don’t use the corruption in your own country as an excuse to come here ILLEGALLY and further corrupt ours with your criminal actions or by the manipulation of our political, educational, welfare and healthcare systems.

    I do agree with you about the border fence though, that alone won’t solve the problem. The incentives to come here ILLEGALLY must be removed as well. There must be no incentive of amnesty or birthright citizenship. ILLEGAL immigrants and those with expired visas must be deported. We must stop giving handouts to ILLEGALS in the forms of welfare, healthcare (other than life or death situations), education and other resources. You are here CRIMINALLY and you don’t pay taxes — go home.

    Here is a little example for you to help you grasp the concept: Many people (of all races) in the U.S. earn a lot more money than I do. They have more stuff than I do, they drive nicer cars, they have bigger houses and they live in better neighborhoods. None of that makes those people good or bad. But here’s the thing, no matter how hard of a worker I am, I have no right whatsoever to break into any of these peoples houses, steal from them, or to trespass on their property. That would be inarguably criminal. I would never think to stay at their home uninvited or live off of their resources, no matter kind of work I may be offering to do for them. It would be illegal, dishonest, immoral and wrong. THAT is ILLEGAL immigration.

    If you come here ILLEGALLY expecting handouts and sympathy get out. I don’t care what language you speak, what country you are from, or what color your skin is be it brown, white, green, orange or purple — get out. Now on the other hand if you want to come here legally, follow our laws and play by the rules you are welcome here with open arms.

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