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Great Speeches of Martin Luther King, Jr.

Yesterday Ron Paul called Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., “the great champion of non-violence at home, peace abroad, and civil disobedience against tyrannical government.” Watch/listen to these MLK speeches and you’ll see what Dr. Paul meant. When it came to peace and the defense of inalienable rights Dr. King was a true American hero.

Dr. King, On War

Martin Luther King, “Why I Am Opposed to the War in Vietnam”


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Personally Thank Ron Paul

A group called Liberals With Class has organized a petition/mass thank you note for Ron Paul called Wishing Ron Well. Here is your chance to write Dr. Paul a message voicing your support for his campaign and expressing your thanks and admiration for all he has done! Sign the petition here.

The petition reads in part:

Dear Dr. Paul,

We, the undersigned, have given our all for you: our time, our treasure, our energy, our creativity… and our hearts. We, your philosophical children, want to let you know we are loyal to the cause of liberty and that we remember you and Carol, your contributions and your tireless efforts. Hundreds of thousands of Americans have rallied to your message with incredible zeal and unabashed devotion.

Murray Rothbard detailed how America was conceived in the flame of liberty, which has flickered over the years, only to be rekindled in every darkest hour by heroic men like you. Bob Taft’s 1940, 1944 and 1952 primary efforts lit the sparks for Barry Goldwater’s 1964 campaign and later the movement to elect Ronald Reagan governor of California and eventually President. Sadly, the Dewey/Rockefeller wing of the Party–that defeated Taft and kept Reagan off the ticket in 1976–now dominates in an unholy alliance with those “draped in a flag and carrying a cross.”

But you, our good doctor, have cured our apathy and given us “Hope for America.” You have resuscitated the Freedom Wing of the Party and rekindled the torch of liberty. That torch has lit a thousand small candles in the grassroots institutions spawned by your campaign’s success thus far. For that alone, you have earned your rightful place in the pantheon of liberty’s heroes.