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CNN: Another Depression Could Be Coming

This falls under the category of: well, duh! Leave it to the corporate controlled mainstream media to finally chime in on an issue (as if they’re breaking a story) to state something that has been obvious to many of us for months or even years. Any thinking person who has been paying attention even a little bit knows our economy is in trouble and after years of faulty economic policies there are no easy solutions.

Even if you’re not a thinking person and just a person who has to buy things from time to time with the U.S. dollar you’ve probably started to notice by now that things are costing more — and I bet your paycheck isn’t growing at the same rate to cover the difference. Could there possibly be a connection between the falling dollar and rising food and oil prices? Nah, it must be the terrorists fault.

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2 Responses

    Discover the Right the Government hopes you never learn about!


  2. they last depression is how we got ss numbers we were sold like cows or at least to a degree its time we physically take back our country or we will loose it for ever . we are not going to be able to be a true free country if we do not take action not soon but now currancy will be bullets and or guns we are headed for the stone age as fast as we can get there wake up usa before or maybe it is already to late we are trully being sold out by our very own. me i dont have very long to live but my babys will have to grow up in a true ****hole if thing do not happen fast

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