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More man-made global warming propaganda for the kids

I’m always amazed at some of the laughable and often very hypocritical productions coming from so-called environmentalists, and believers in the man-made global warming fearmongering. I was looking at the Earthhourus.org website and found a Youtube video trailer for an upcoming show on “NatGeo” that wants to give us a visual representation of what the average person consumes in a lifetime. They do it by gathering all of the products one might consume during the course of their life and lay them all out on the ground for us to see. Then I guess were supposed to feel bad and buy the “energy efficient” products that their sponsors sell and become supporters of carbon-tracking and more taxation, reduced rights, etc. Amazingly in the trailer they discuss how much a toddler consumes as if to say that somehow the child is bad or shouldn’t have been born at all because its hurting the environment by eating and living? This is just sickening.

I have to wonder if these people were thinking at all about some of the harmful messages they were sending about and toward children and if they realize how much wasted resources and how big of a “carbon footprint” they left by amassing all of these products to display for the show. The show’s tagline should be changed to “The Human Footprint: We just made it bigger.”

Are we to believe then that we can “fight climate change” and have any real impact on something that is most likely the result of a solar cycle and not so dependent on what kinds of cars we drive? And what about the evidence that shows that climate change is happening on other planets the same as on Earth?

There seems to be other motives behind all of the fear and propaganda:

Global warming hysteria serves as excuse for world government

Professor: Big Money Behind Global Warming Propaganda

…Hayden said the global-warming issue is fueled by scare tactics backed by “big money.”

He said that on a recent trip to New York City, he saw several billboards advertising the long-term effects of global warming. He learned that each billboard sold for $700,000 a month.

…the increased carbon-dioxide levels that global-warming promoters keep talking about is nothing new. He said the levels of carbon dioxide have been rising and falling for more than 400,000 years.

“We are at the lowest levels in the last 300,000 years,” he said. “During the Jurassic period, we had very high levels of carbon dioxide.”

Hayden added that the majority of carbon dioxide is the result of natural sources and not to be blamed on humankind.

Worldwide, the burning of coal, oil and gas contributes to only an estimated 3 percent of the carbon-dioxide emissions, he said.

“About 97 percent of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere comes from natural sources, not humans,” Hayden said.

He said the buzz about global warming may be pushed by the corporations that will benefit from concepts such as carbon tracking and carbon trading. (The Pueblo Chieftain Online)

See: Solar Cycle 24: Implications for the United States

The Guardian reported recently that the “Alliance for Climate Protection plans to spend $300m (about £150m) on television advertising and online organising to make global warming among the most urgent issues for elected American leaders.” More backing from big corporations? I’m pretty sure the $300m wasn’t raised by grassroots members of the green party.

More good articles about the fallacy of man-made global warming

Al Gore profits from his hoax

More Than 650 Scientists Dissent over Man-Made Global Warming Claims

Petition signed by over 19,000 American scientists rejecting man-made global warming claims

Sixth-Graders Reveal Global Warming Indoctrination
Over 400 Prominent Scientists Disputed Man-Made Global Warming Claims in 2007

You hippy-crites! When it comes to saving the planet do celebrities practise what they preach?

4 Responses

  1. Have any of you guys hear what the New Jersey Nets are doing to in the fight against global warming? Not only are there games now carbon-neutral, but they traded Jason Kidd to the Dallas Maveriks for the a “better environment” also. Julianne Waldron explained to the media that Kidd was giving off to much Carbon dioxide. “Jason Kidd always hustles when he is on the basketball court, and we all admire that greatly. But all of that running up and down the court, pushing the team out on fastbreaks, expending extra energy just to make a few extra points and possibly win a game, caused all of the players to breathe a great deal more heavily and thereby expel extra amounts of carbon dioxide into the air, and we all know that is bad for the environment. We made the difficult decision to trade Kidd in order to save the planet.” Check out this article I found on it Environmental Activism is the Key to the Current Success of the New Jersey Nets

  2. How much electricity generated by environmentally-friendly means was used to make that documentary? None, I’m guessing. Did they go out and find all of those recycled bottles and trees? Nah. I’m sure they just bought new ones and cut down the timber. Across the internet I see people complaining about global warming, but they hardly turn off their computers to save electricity. It’s hypocrisy at it’s finest. I’ve been covering some of this global warming nonsense over at my blob, Skeptics Global Warming. Glad to find another website devoted to trying to debunk this global warming hoax.

  3. Great point skeptic, I really think its just gotten to be trendy to be “concerned” about global warming. The powers that be of course created the trendiness and certainly will ride it all the way to the bank, to depopulation or whatever else they can get out of it.

    Meanwhile like you said, these “environmentalists” are so hypocritical about how they call other people irresponsible with regard to energy use or carbon emissions— then people like Al Gore keep riding their private jets around the world and loser networks put out these ridiculous shows trying to make everyone including your toddler feel guilty for being alive. Its not even logical what they are doing and yet the average Joe eats it up.

    One of the biggest hypocrisies out there is the fact that they’re tearing down the rain forests so that they can produce “green” biofuels. Shakespeare couldn’t provide us with a better piece of irony.

    Destroying the Amazon Rainforest to Fight Global Warming

    I was reading some of the posts on your site, skeptic, good stuff. Keep getting the word out. I’ll check back on your site again.

  4. […] Posts Voices of Warning: 2008 Recession or Depression LikelyJohn Cusack Tells It Like It IsMore man-made global warming propaganda for the kidsRon Paul is Strongest Opponent of Real IDRon Paul To Break Single-Day Internet Fundraising Record on […]

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