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Ron Paul Interview on Brian and the Judge

Here is a good interview with Ron Paul (every interview with Ron Paul is good) from the radio show Brian the Neocon and the Judge on 4.28.08:

Part One

Part Two

Ron Paul Interview on CNN 4.28.08

Ron Paul appeared on CNN with John Roberts this morning to discuss his new book, events at the recent Nevada Republican convention (the rEVOLution is alive and well!) and his presidential campaign.

Unboxing the Revolution

At first I was a bit surprised to see that someone (Israel Anderson[?] from IsraelAnderson.com) went through the trouble to record the arrival and opening of Ron Paul’s new book The Revolution: A Manifesto. But it turns out that it’s actually pretty enjoyable to watch. Buy Ron Paul’s new book at Amazon or wherever books are sold!

Campaign Update from Ron Paul

More Proof of Media Lies and Bias Against Ron Paul

This is a very well done video by TV producer Jerry Day showing indisputable proof of the corporate media bias against Ron Paul.

1.3 trillion dollar government expansion

Grassfire fully supports the very “conservative” concept of being good stewards of the earth. But conservatives cannot sit by silently as Al Gore and the Climate Alarmists attempt to pull the wool of American’s eyes. The claim that global warming is a “crisis” has been thoroughly debunked by leading scientists around the world. Surveys show that most scientists do not buy into the hype that the modern warming is due to human activities. The majority of scientists agree that the Earth’s climate is very complex and insufficiently understood to make an accurate forecast.

However, Al Gore and his radical Alarmist Agenda are steamrolling ahead. All United States citizens are about to pay mightily, for Gore’s extremist view point, with a $1.3 trillion tax increase. Hundreds of millions of dollars are being pushed into a massive effort to expand the government’s power. Al Gore’s Climate Alarmism will cripple the U.S. economy and give bureaucrats the power to tax air!

If you are unsure or oppose Climate Alarmism and want to the facts to argue your position please view the Links below to read articles that explain the truth and answer your questions about global warming.

(See the links at firesociety.com)

Sign Grassfire’s Petition Against Climate Alarmism Here

Troubling message coming from some preachers

“Honor your king?” “…All authority is an extension of God’s authority?” I don’t think so.

John Cusack Tells It Like It Is

John Cusack has integrity and guts. He went on the Bill Maher show recently and demonstrated surprising depth in his understanding of the issues as he laid out some of the problems our country is facing today. Cusack has always been cool though, nevermind the cowardly, pretentious sycophant that Maher is, he is incidental in this clip:

Week of Truth: The Shell Game

The “Week of Truth” goal: Propel The Shell Game into the Top 10 of the New York Times Best Seller List. To achieve this URGE all your contacts to buy multiple copies of this truth telling novel – The Shell Game – between April 16 to 22nd, the focused week when the NY Times list will count those sales.

Learn more at weekoftruth.org. Also, buy the book through weekoftruth.org to help 9/11 First Responders!

This video is about The Shell Game, a new novel by NY Times best-selling author Steve Alten. Released January 22nd, the book is both entertaining and educational; blurring the line between fiction and the unfortunate political realities we face in our country and around the world today. Also check it out at theshellgame.net

Here is Steve Alten being interviewed on 6 ABC in Philadelphia:

Ron Paul: Eliminate Income Tax and the IRS

Ron Paul gives us just a few of the reasons why we should get rid of the income tax and the IRS in this interview with Neil Cavuto from April 15, 2008.

As a bonus we get to hear Cavuto admit that the the “major networks” (notice he doesn’t specifically refer to his own network of Fox, who was/is the worst offender) treated Ron Paul and his presidential campaign unfairly.

Alarmist Climate Change Myth Continues To Unravel

Central Plank Of Global Warming Alarmism Discredited
Prison Planet, April 14, 2008, Paul Joseph Watson

One of the central philosophies of climate change alarmism and an image that adorned the cover of Al Gore’s An Inconvenient Truth – the contention that global warming causes deadly hurricanes – has been completely discredited by the expert who first proposed it.

Hurricane buff and professor of Atmospheric Science at MIT Kerry Emanuel asserted for over 20 years that global warming breeds more frequent and stronger storms and he shot to prominence just one month before Hurricane Katrina in 2005 when he delivered the “final proof” that global warming was already causing extreme weather events and wrecking livelihoods.

…Al Gore was so inspired by Emanuel’s research that he devoted the iconic front cover image of his 2006 movie An Inconvenient Truth to his warning, portraying a hurricane emerging from a Co2-belching smokestack.

An inconvenient cover image – Al Gore’s depiction of global warming’s contribution to hurricanes has been completely discredited.
Continue reading

Freedom Rally!

This is just a reminder to those of you able to make it to the Freedom Rally tomorrow (April 15, 2008). It’s in Washington D.C. and it starts at 11 AM on the west lawn of the Capitol. It is expected to go all afternoon and into the early evening. Scheduled guests include Ron and Carol Paul, Jack Mclamb and Russell Means — just to name a few. Learn more at www.freedomrally.info

Blind Faith In The Global Warming Overlords


A recent article on The Smirking Chimp did its best to smear libertarians and all they stand for. The article, titled “Climate Reality Bites the Libertarians,” also had the apparent goal of pushing man-made global warming (which many libertarians dispute) and those who dare question the “consensus.” In the article’s name-calling rant it went so far as to claim that “libertarianism [is] practically unworkable and morally untenable in modern industrial society.” This of course is coming from the same crowd calling for mass population controls.

The article is centered around the man-made global warming hoax and says libertarians are “like the kindly Catholic bishop, who will patiently listen to your heresies, all the while never budging an iota from his absolute faith in the authority of the Pontiff.” Apparently the author is suggesting that somehow libertarians are like Catholic bishops, with blind faith in the ideals of liberty and therefore unable to see the global warming “consensus” for what it is. There’s certainly some irony here.

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Ron Paul Dares Question Petraeus and Crocker

Ron Paul once again is virtually the lone voice asking the questions everybody should be asking — that is if everybody was actually intelligent, informed and awake:

Hillary Clinton’s Campaign Finance Fraud

Go to hillcap.org and peterfpaul.com to learn more.