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Ron Paul Interview on Brian and the Judge

Here is a good interview with Ron Paul (every interview with Ron Paul is good) from the radio show Brian the Neocon and the Judge on 4.28.08:

Part One

Part Two

Ron Paul Interview on CNN 4.28.08

Ron Paul appeared on CNN with John Roberts this morning to discuss his new book, events at the recent Nevada Republican convention (the rEVOLution is alive and well!) and his presidential campaign.

Unboxing the Revolution

At first I was a bit surprised to see that someone (Israel Anderson[?] from IsraelAnderson.com) went through the trouble to record the arrival and opening of Ron Paul’s new book The Revolution: A Manifesto. But it turns out that it’s actually pretty enjoyable to watch. Buy Ron Paul’s new book at Amazon or wherever books are sold!

Campaign Update from Ron Paul

More Proof of Media Lies and Bias Against Ron Paul

This is a very well done video by TV producer Jerry Day showing indisputable proof of the corporate media bias against Ron Paul.

1.3 trillion dollar government expansion

Grassfire fully supports the very “conservative” concept of being good stewards of the earth. But conservatives cannot sit by silently as Al Gore and the Climate Alarmists attempt to pull the wool of American’s eyes. The claim that global warming is a “crisis” has been thoroughly debunked by leading scientists around the world. Surveys show that most scientists do not buy into the hype that the modern warming is due to human activities. The majority of scientists agree that the Earth’s climate is very complex and insufficiently understood to make an accurate forecast.

However, Al Gore and his radical Alarmist Agenda are steamrolling ahead. All United States citizens are about to pay mightily, for Gore’s extremist view point, with a $1.3 trillion tax increase. Hundreds of millions of dollars are being pushed into a massive effort to expand the government’s power. Al Gore’s Climate Alarmism will cripple the U.S. economy and give bureaucrats the power to tax air!

If you are unsure or oppose Climate Alarmism and want to the facts to argue your position please view the Links below to read articles that explain the truth and answer your questions about global warming.

(See the links at firesociety.com)

Sign Grassfire’s Petition Against Climate Alarmism Here

Troubling message coming from some preachers

“Honor your king?” “…All authority is an extension of God’s authority?” I don’t think so.