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Ron Paul on Glenn Beck Show 4/1/08

“I’ve never been a conspiracy theorist–I’ve never been a John Bircher or anything… but the more you learn and the more you look at history… This weekend I was reading about the crash of 1907 and how that thing was controlled and what came out of that and came to the Fed — I mean, we’re repeating the same mistake and it is always to give these private individuals control — almost a fourth branch of government or a seperate tree of our economic system…” – Glenn Beck

“There is no more ominous power than to give this authority to a secretive bank to create money out of thin air… We are witnessing the beginning of the end of dollar hegemony.” – Ron Paul

Funny how now that the presidential candidates have been decided by the media, Glenn Beck has decided that he likes Ron Paul. He sorta likes him anyway, the area where Glenn still doesn’t get it is the war on terror and the unjustifiable war in Iraq. So, let’s just focus on the economy and the government’s financial corruption:


Ron Paul: Israel Created Hamas; Pro-Israel Resolution a Mistake

Glenn Beck Talks Economic Breakdown, Martial Law

Glenn Beck “Endgame of the New World Order”


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