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Ted Turner: There are “too many people”

According to CNN media baron Ted Turner, humanity isn’t thinning out fast enough. While discussing global warming, Turner, the father of five, calls for everyone to “voluntarily” adopt a Chinese-like “one or two” child policy:

One way to combat global warming, Turner said, is to stabilize the population.

“We’re too many people; that’s why we have global warming,” he said. “Too many people are using too much stuff.”

Turner suggested that “on a voluntary basis, everybody in the world’s got to pledge to themselves that one or two children is it.”

Admitting that he’s “always suffered from foot-in-the-mouth disease,” Turner added, “I’ve gotten a lot better, though. It’s been a long time since anybody caught me saying something stupid.” [Atlanta Journal-Constitution]

How long has it been? 30 seconds? He’s getting so much better.

Its not hard to realize that Turner wants less people around. But is it really global warming he’s concerned about? This kind of anti-humanity propaganda is being pushed by more than one super-wealthy elite:

Enviro Mentalists Call For Culling Of Human Population

Turner’s comment “Too many people are using too much stuff,” sounds so Bush-like. They must have the same PR firm telling them what to say. Take an extremely distorted idea and turn it into a one-liner, make it simple enough for the dumbest listener to be able to pick out the words but nonsensical enough to require careful attention to realize how ridiculous it is—then the average person won’t notice.

Reminds me of a recent Bush statement about the economy, [the problem is] “we just built too many houses.” Yep, we overdid it. Tell the people in the tent cities and in the bread lines to put the hammer and nails away.

This overpopulation propaganda isn’t new:

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The church of green

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Global Warming Hoax Archive

See also: Ted Turner Wants You Dead To Save The Planet Rogue Government 4.05.08

6 Responses

  1. Scientists in the U.K. have reported evidence that further refutes one theory of global climate change.

    In the heated debate over global warming, there is an opposing idea, called the cosmic ray theory, which contends that climate change is simply caused by cosmic rays coming from the sun.

  2. Dude. Great post. Ted Turner is an elitist NWO financial backer.

    check this movie about the georgia guidestones:

  3. Very strangely made movie, interesting content though. The super-wealthy elite control freaks are sickening.

  4. […] Comments Chris Anderson on Ted Turner: There’s &#82…wooD on Ron Paul Dares Question Petrae…N Cope on Hillary Clinton’s Campai…waronyou on You […]

  5. Witty, and so insightful. I recommend that all of you aware of the super-freaky wealthy elite to see The Esoteric Agenda, all 13 parts available at youtube or google has the 2-hr video. Cheers from New Zealand 🙂

  6. Sounds interesting, thanks Wendy.

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