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Blind Faith In The Global Warming Overlords


A recent article on The Smirking Chimp did its best to smear libertarians and all they stand for. The article, titled “Climate Reality Bites the Libertarians,” also had the apparent goal of pushing man-made global warming (which many libertarians dispute) and those who dare question the “consensus.” In the article’s name-calling rant it went so far as to claim that “libertarianism [is] practically unworkable and morally untenable in modern industrial society.” This of course is coming from the same crowd calling for mass population controls.

The article is centered around the man-made global warming hoax and says libertarians are “like the kindly Catholic bishop, who will patiently listen to your heresies, all the while never budging an iota from his absolute faith in the authority of the Pontiff.” Apparently the author is suggesting that somehow libertarians are like Catholic bishops, with blind faith in the ideals of liberty and therefore unable to see the global warming “consensus” for what it is. There’s certainly some irony here.

First of all, libertarians are usually the last people to place blind faith in any institution, particularly those related to the government or any worldly institute of religion. It seems that those who blindly believe there is a “consensus” on man-made global warming are the ones with the illogical blind faith. A blind faith which happens to be concurrently placed in a power-hungry collective of super-wealthy elites and international governing bodies that are trumpeting this same propaganda.

Referencing the libertarian free market ideals, the author later claims that “…the task of responding appropriately to the gathering climate emergency must fall upon non-economic entities, acting in behalf of mankind at large. Such entities are called ‘governments.’”

This is where the entire article is exposed for the illogical text that it is. So if the free market (essentially consisting of the populace, corporations, and anyone involved in buying and selling) can’t solve the problem, assuming there is a problem, how will the government (consisting of officials “elected” out of the same people in the free market who are just given more power) solve the problem? The government is certainly not “non-economic” when millions of dollars, if not more, pass through the hands of lobbyists and special interests and Congressman (note also that many ex-Congressman quickly find jobs as lobbyists and then have even more influence in government.)

Does the fact that a small group of people are in “the government” automatically make them a more benevolent, non-agenda driven force that is above and beyond what the free market can offer? Has the author of this article studied history on this point? I’d love for him to explain his position further. Somehow the government is just going to save us, tirelessly working out of its own virtuousness and goodwill, always operating in best interests of mankind and without a self-serving agenda. After all, they love us.

The rest of us have studied enough to realize that the “man-made” part of the whole climate change issue is only there to be used as a tool by the elites to manipulate people into paying higher taxes, giving up more rights (carbon tracking, property rights, right to have children, etc.), and ultimately population control, which the elites have wanted for centuries (the Chinese have already implemented it)—more appropriately called population extermination.

As far as your so-called “concensus,” there are definitely thousands of scientists who are not only skeptical, but telling us the exact opposite, that climate change is NOT man-made. If you’d only leave the fold of the Earth cult once in a while you’d see it too.

Recommended Reading:

Over 400 Prominent Scientists Disputed Man-Made Global Warming Claims in 2007

Petition signed by over 19,000 American scientists rejecting man-made global warming claims

“UN climate conference taking the World in entirely the wrong direction:” An open Letter Signed By Over 100 International Scientists & Climatologists. “It is not possible to stop climate change, a natural phenomenon that has affected humanity through the ages…”

We know that there is big money behind the propaganda effort to add the label “man-made” to any discussions of global warming. But where is the money coming from? Quite possibly its the same shady global “think tanks” like the CFR, Club of Rome, Trilateral Commission, etc. who decided long ago that they’d exploit the natural phenomenon of global warming and use it to grab more power and set up world government”.

8 Responses

  1. Another great article that exposes the liberal agenda-a bunch of name-calling whiners that complain when things don’t go their way. I’ve been writing on my global warming blog that the global warming elitists are in trouble and their myth is starting to unravel. Your article just proves my point. Thanks for the insight.

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  3. well we all know that we all gunna burn at mabye at the end you will regret it anfd try to do something about it when its to late.please do something about it

  4. Brenda, no offense but you make absolutely no sense. Are you saying “we all gunna burn” because of global warming? If that’s what you meant I’m not surprised — global warming cultists as a whole operate at roughly the intelligence level of your comment above.

  5. The myth is unraveling Skeptic, thanks for linking to my post. I just hope it unravels fast enough to put a stop to all this out of control taxation and power grabbing.

  6. Thanks for the information. Me this theme too interests. I shall read still.

  7. Welcome are you also.

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