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Tactics Change as Acceptance of Global Warming Demise Becomes Reality

Skeptics Global Warming.com

While many on the environmental left continue to sing the praises of Al Gore and his global warming hoax, those of higher intellect have abandoned the myth. As with many great left-leaning government tax-and-control schemes, even though the supposed crisis is over, supporters still feel the need to continue pushing legislation to fight global warming. After all, it’s about control and greed. Here are some of the ideas I’ve gathered from liberal hubs around the internet after accepting that global warming is a myth:

1. Pollution is still bad. Yes, pollution is bad and I think you’d be hard-pressed to find a liberal or a conservative that would disagree with you. And while programs are already in place to cut pollution, such as more efficient combustion engines, recycling programs and even nuclear energy, the economic impact of global warming legislation would be detrimental to our planet.

2. We must get off oil-based fuel before supply runs out. There’s plenty of supply. It’s the environmentalists that won’t let us get to it. The United States hasn’t built a refinery in 30 years. We haven’t built new nuclear facilities because of unfounded fears of a Chernobyl-like event. And even those same environmentalists have stopped clean wind farms from being built off the coast of Nantucket (I’m looking at you, Senator Kennedy). How can we possibly move forward as a country when the environmentalists stop us as every turn?

3. The price of gas still needs to be high to curb usage and create less dependency on foreign oil. So you want to raise the price of a commodity that affects everyone to get off foreign oil? What about the poor you supposedly protect? Even if they don’t have cars, public transportation costs are going to rise and home heating bills will as well. All you’re doing is hurting the same people that you’ve made dependent on the government for decades.

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  1. Hey Chris – thanks for the link back to my site. I certainly appreciate the recognition!

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