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CO2, “Devil Gas”or Life Sustaining Necessity?

Remember the “Weekly Reader” from your days in grade school? Saw this article today, looks like more twisted, manipulative RAND corporation propaganda for the young minds to absorb:

Feeling The Heat: A New Report Says Humans Are the Likely Cause of
Climate Change
Weekly Reader

The heat is on! And people are to blame. That’s what a group of more than 2,500 scientists from 113 countries recently agreed. A report from the International Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) states that human activities are “very likely” the cause of global warming, or the gradual rise in Earth’s average temperature.

The report is “sort of a report card on everything we’ve learned about climate change,” explains Robert Lempert, senior scientist at the RAND Corporation (a nonprofit research and analysis institution).

…Turning Down the Heat
Though the report’s findings are bleak, it gives some scientists hope that people can lessen the effects of global warming. “If you see the extent to which human activities are influencing the climate system, the options for [reducing] greenhouse gas emissions appear in a different light, because you can see what the costs of inaction are,” said IPCC chairman Dr. Rajendra Pachauri.

Weekly Reader then links to:
EPA’s “kids site” —shows a video with bulldozers cutting down trees and causing global warming, this is ironic considering that now some people want to cut down trees to stop global warming, and also considering that trees are being wiped out due to the ethanol craze.

>> Story Continues Below… Click here to
Global warming froma penguin’s point of view

Penguin then further manipulates young minds:

It’s (GW) not really happening, is it?
Global warming? Phooey! It seems to be, but there are some people who say it is not. Can you think who some of these might be? You guessed it! Many of the people who claim climate change is not happening are those who use lots of fuel, who make things like cars that use lots of fuel, or actually get the fuel out of the earth: that’s heavy industry, carmakers and the oil, gas and coal companies. This is what people call ‘vested interest’. These are people who depend on other people using lots of fuel if they are to continue making money. It’s not surprising that they don’t think there is any climate change. But it doesn’t make them right!

Next page titled: “Yes, climate change is real”

(Kids, guess who makes money off of the global warming hoax? hehe)

Weekly Reader also links to:
EPA’s ‘carbon footprint’ calculator

Separate article, worth examining:
’CO2 scrubber’ could help slow global warming

Some words about the devil gas:

In praise of CO2 National Post
Planet Earth is on a roll! GPP is way up. NPP is way up. To the surprise of those who have been bearish on the planet, the data shows global production has been steadily climbing to record levels, ones not seen since these measurements began.

GPP is Gross Primary Production, a measure of the daily output of the global biosphere — the amount of new plant matter on land. NPP is Net Primary Production, an annual tally of the globe’s production. Biomass is booming. The planet is the greenest it’s been in decades, perhaps in centuries.

…The results surprised Steven Running of the University of Montana and Ramakrishna Nemani of NASA, scientists involved in analyzing the NASA data. They found that over a period of almost two decades, the Earth as a whole became more bountiful by a whopping 6.2%. About 25% of the Earth’s vegetated landmass — almost 110 million square kilometres — enjoyed significant increases and only 7% showed significant declines. When the satellite data zooms in, it finds that each square metre of land, on average, now produces almost 500 grams of greenery per year.

Why the increase? Their 2004 study, and other more recent ones, point to the warming of the planet and the presence of CO2, a gas indispensable to plant life. CO2 is nature’s fertilizer, bathing the biota with its life-giving nutrients. Plants take the carbon from CO2 to bulk themselves up — carbon is the building block of life — and release the oxygen, which along with the plants, then sustain animal life. As summarized in a report last month, released along with a petition signed by 32,000 U. S. scientists who vouched for the benefits of CO2: “Higher CO2 enables plants to grow faster and larger and to live in drier climates. Plants provide food for animals, which are thereby also enhanced. The extent and diversity of plant and animal life have both increased substantially during the past half-century.”

…According to a growing number of scientists, the period of global warming that we have experienced over the past few centuries as Earth climbed out of the Little Ice Age is about to end. The oceans, which have been releasing their vast store of carbon dioxide as the planet has warmed — CO2 is released from oceans as they warm and dissolves in them when they cool — will start to take the carbon dioxide back. With less heat and less carbon dioxide, the planet could become less hospitable and less green, especially in areas such as Canada’s Boreal forests, which have been major beneficiaries of the increase in GPP and NPP.

Doubling the jeopardy for Earth is man. Unlike the many scientists who welcome CO2 for its benefits, many other scientists and most governments believe carbon dioxide to be a dangerous pollutant that must be removed from the atmosphere at all costs. Governments around the world are now enacting massive programs in an effort to remove as much as 80% of the carbon dioxide emissions from the atmosphere.

…Canada and other countries are rushing into Earth-altering carbon schemes with nary a doubt. Environmentalists, who ordinarily would demand a full-fledged environmental assessment before a highway or a power plant can be built, are silent on the need to question proponents or examine alternatives.

Earth is on a roll. Governments are too. We will know soon enough if we’re rolled off a cliff.

Is the earth getting warmer, or cooler?
A tale of two thermometers
The Register

One clue we can see is that NASA has been reworking recent temperatures upwards and older temperatures downwards – which creates a greater slope and the appearance of warming. Canadian statistician Steve McIntyre has been tracking the changes closely on his Climate Audit site, and reports that NASA is Rewriting History, Time and Time Again. The recent changes can be seen by comparing the NASA 1999 and 2007 US temperature graphs. Below is the 1999 version, and below that is the reworked 2007 version.

Polar Bear Shot in Iceland; Icy Spring May Have Led It There

Welcome to ‘June-uary’?

Just a heads up in case you missed it from the National Post article, if we indeed are in a cooling period as many scientists say, more CO2 would be a good thing for us and the Earth.

4 Responses

  1. Can’t we just declare liberalism a religion and have it banned from schools? 🙂

  2. […] nyletterpress.wordpress.com Tags: anthropogenic, brainwashing, co2, corn, environmentalists, epa, ethanol, gas, global warming, IPCC, iron, schools Related Posts […]

  3. Thats a great idea skeptic, lets make it happen (and do the same with neoconservatism as well)!

    Seriously though, the state has a strange way of choosing the religion it imposes upon us. It bans the religions that have core doctrines promoting spiritual enlightenment, spiritual liberation, love and peace and endorses a cult that continually points to more taxes, economic controls, and population control (extermination). Very sick indeed.

  4. Chris,

    I too have noticed this trend, but I do truly believe it is not just “sick” but demonically inspired. How else could such disparate characters and movements over the last century or so, bring about such “change” in America, and globally. Seriously.

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