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Ron Paul Discusses His Rally on Glenn Beck Show

Ron Paul discusses his “counter rally” in Minneapolis on the Glenn Beck Show 9.3.2008. Glenn is pretty supportive overall but he still can’t give up his neocon-leaning foreign policy, which is enough on its own to discredit him as a reliable source of commentary.

Also, Beck can’t pass up the opportunity to take a jab at Rally for the Republic speaker Jesse Ventura for his common sense stance in questioning the government’s official version/theory of the events of 9/11 (out of all the things Beck could have mentioned in the three minute interview). It wouldn’t be the first time the government has lied to us Glenn…

4 Responses

  1. Thanks for posting this!

  2. Glenn Beck & his paymasters + 911 leaks = cold sweat.
    Cindy & the Tillman family want answers too.
    “To hell with the Patriot Act!”
    Neocon cover via Dems…
    Operator? Intel

    Nader Paul Kucinich Gravel
    McKinney Ventura
    Perot charts

  3. I thought it was an excellent interview.

    The 9/11 comment was fair, I thought, and Paul dealt with it reasonably. I think, however, that Glenn misrepresents Paul’s foreign policy as “rapid foreign policy change”. Paul has repeatedly said that it couldn’t reasonably change overnight, but would approach it philosophically different than it has in the past 60 years.

    I think people like Glenn in the media is a benefit to libertarians in that they actually reason with the interviewees rather than the usual trash-inquiry or blatant attacks. He’s always been, for the most part, fair to libertarians on his shows.

  4. disinter — you’re welcome! Thanks for all the great work you do.

    npkg — thanks for the comment. I agree with you (I think)

    tjoseph — I like the interview too. We’ve put quite a few Glenn Beck clips on this blog, primarily the ones where he is talking to Ron Paul.

    I do get tired though of Beck always qualifying his support for Ron Paul by saying things like “about 10% of his supporters scare me to death” or bringing up the thing about Ventura yesterday. Get over it Beck, either you like Ron Paul and his policies and you support him/them or you don’t, stop it with the underhanded remarks about things Paul himself doesn’t even talk about. I think npkg may have a point — Beck feels obligated (or is told) to say these kinds of things when Ron Paul is on his show.

    You’re right though in that Beck is usually much more fair to Ron Paul and libertarianism in general than other “mainstream” media, and the exposure is a good thing. Beck keeps having Paul back on his show, I can’t complain about that.

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