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Govt Agencies Fight For Control of Carbon Indulgences Market

This is one hell of a scheme—they’ve basically created the idea of “carbon sins” and now Congressmen, like ravenous wolves, are fighting over what agency will potentially get to “regulate” the trillion-dollar carbon indulgences market. The new Dark Age has begun.

Carbon Market With Trillion-Dollar Potential Sparks Early U.S. Turf Fight
Bloomberg, March 27th, 2009
Representative Edward Markey says his committee should be in charge. No, says fellow Democrat Collin Peterson, this one should fall under my panel.

Markey and Peterson are jockeying for control of the biggest regulatory plum to hit Washington in years: a proposed system for trading carbon-dioxide permits that would be one of the world’s largest derivatives markets.

Depending on which lawmaker prevails, the market would be monitored by the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission, which is overseen by a subcommittee headed by Markey, or the Commodity Futures Trading Commission under the supervision of the Peterson-led House Agriculture Committee.

The winning agency would set the rules for a market that could reach $1 trillion in trades annually by 2020…

“There’s money riding on this; that may in fact explain some of the political posturing.” [no kidding]

Ventura, Nader, & Jones on the “Two-Party Dictatorship”

After having witnessed the 2008 “election” process, it was clear that there was indeed a combination of power working against any voice that fell out outside of the accepted talking points. Even certain ideas that are contained within the Republican platform were off-limits when it came to the presidential “debates” and such ideas were marginalized and often ridiculed. Whether it is an orchestrated stifling of dissenting opinions or merely the symptom of a closed-minded national group philosophy or both, the result is the same. The U.S. is heading one direction, regardless of the party in power: Less freedom and privacy for the individual, more government, war and economic turmoil. It will take a massive awakening in hearts and minds to change this.

Big Brother Wants Access to Your Computer Files

Using the worn out guise of fighting “crime” and ensuring national security, Obama and his globalist friends want access to your computer files. He is actually turning out to be even worse than I thought he would be…

Ron Paul on the Federal Reserve, Bailouts, and AIG Bonuses

The problem is the Federal Reserve and the bailouts, not the AIG bonuses (as bad as they are–they are just a symptom of the corrupted system).

Ron Paul further explained these facts on Fox Business News earlier today (3/24/2009):

New York Town Considers Martial Law; Troops Patrol in Alabama

It seems that the public is increasingly being acclimated to the idea of martial law–military troops domestically deployed on the streets of the U.S. (in violation of posse comitatus) acting as enforcers of the law. Recently Brian Stratton, the mayor of Schenectady, New York, announced that he may declare martial law in the wake of numerous police suspensions and terminations that have left the local department shorthanded:

Updated: 03/19/2009 06:07 AM
By: Steve Ference

SCHENECTADY, N.Y. — Schenectady Police Chief Mark Chaires said, “This is unprecedented – all these officers getting in trouble at the same time for all these different reasons.

Five Schenectady police officers recently accused of everything from driving drunk to beating up a man are leading city officials to look at taking drastic action to fix a department tainted by the few who may have acted illegally, like Darren Lawrence and Michael Brown who are accused of driving while intoxicated…

Currently, officials are reviewing the legal options and planning to present a full report in early April – options like a consolidated county-wide police force or bringing in the State Police.

The mayor said there is another option – and that would be declaring martial law. The governor would have to declare it and then the National Guard would come in. The mayor said it’s more for a transition to a new police force if that were to happen.

He said, “It may be that as a stopgap measure, that you would need military forces – State Police, National Guard.”

The Houston Chronicle (along with CNS and others) is reporting that an inquiry is underway into the possible (probable) violation of federal laws when military personnel assisted during the aftermath of a tragic mass shooting in Samson, Alabama. While the intentions of the military personnel involved were probably good, this sets a dangerous precedent and erodes the barrier posse comitatus is meant to provide against the improper and potentially tyrannical use of military forces.

Also, on the heels of the absurd and slanderous MIAC report, a document has surfaced that outlines the U.S. Army Reserve’s monitoring of recent “End the Fed” rallies accross the country.

Most people in the military are good (they contributed more money to Ron Paul during the elections than any other candidate!). Most police officers are good too. But the events outlined above only contribute to the erosion of trust, privacy, and liberty in this nation that began gradually years ago and now is only accelerating. Let’s hope it doesn’t continue.


SEE ALSO: Is Martial Law Coming to a Town Near You? for more information on the threat of martial law in America.


France & Germany Reject US calls For Cash Stimulus

Its seems as though the end result of all of this, the plan, is to keep the Euro strong while making the independent nations’ (like US and Britain) currencies weak in order to build a better case for a global currency/global economic order:

EU to urge IMF topup but resist extra stimulus callReuters, March 18,2009

BRUSSELS, March 19 (Reuters) – European Union leaders will agree on Thursday to push for the International Monetary Fund to have more firepower to fight the global slowdown, but resist calls to inject new cash into their own economies.

The two-day Brussels summit is aimed at fine-tuning the European stance for a G20 meeting two weeks later where the world will expect major powers to get to grips with an economic crisis that has strained rich and poor states alike.

Anxious to maintain the budgetary rigour underpinning the euro currency zone, continental European capitals have shrugged off U.S. calls for more fiscal stimulus and put faith in their generous welfare states to ride out the worst of the storm.

Interesting that Germany and France are reluctant to print large amounts of money as part of “stimulus” packages. Notice that the Euro is rising significantly against the GBP and the Dollar right now. It seems that at least a couple countries remember the history of Germany’s depression-era Weimar republic and the hyperinflationary consequences that followed love affair with the currency printing press:

U.S.-Europe Split On Economic Stimulus Erupts Ahead Of G20
Radio Free Europe, Radio Liberty, March 11, 2009

At the start of this week, Larry Summers, the top economic adviser to U.S. President Barack Obama, asked Europe to consider another round of stimulus packages to spark battle the global recession.

But on March 10, EU finance ministers meeting in Brussels rebuffed the idea. Speaking for the group, German Finance Minister Peer Steinbrueck said there was “significant bewilderment” over their U.S. colleague’s position.[Amen brother]

But “bewilderment” may be a good word for describing how both sides of the Atlantic are coming to regard each other’s approach to tackling the recession.

As the world looks to the G20 meeting of developing and industrialized states in London on April 2 for a coordinated strategy for reviving the global economy, in the run-up to the summit it’s becoming clear that the United States and Europe have very different philosophies about how to get out of the current crisis.

The United States has budgeted an $800 billion package, which is equivalent to some 5.9 percent of the country’s gross domestic product (GDP). That includes tax cuts to put more money in consumers’ pockets, funding for public works programs, and more benefits for unemployed people.

By comparison, Germany has budgeted a 50 billion-euro stimulus package, equivalent to some 1.3 percent of its GDP. France has done the same. And Britain has budgeted a package that equals about 1 percent of its GDP [more than that now, see Mar 11th article”*****Britain Monetizes Its National Debt*****“). That is largely to bolster social-welfare programs that normally help people in times of need.
Continue reading

Tea Party Coverage; AIG Gave Obama Over $100,000 in Contributions

Obama received over $100,000 in political contributions from AIG, and many other politicians were given plenty of money by AIG as well. But the AIG debacle is something they all feel very bad about of course. Never mind that Obama’s Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner was one of the architects of the whole scheme to begin with. So who are the real “terrorists” here? Wait a minute — isn’t Geithner also the guy that didn’t pay his taxes?

In other related news, a short collage of news coverage from around the nation of the Tea Party protests is below:

Baghdad’s water still undrinkable 6 years after invasion

McClatchy Newspapers, March 18, 2009
BAGHDAD — The stench of human waste is enough to tell Falah abu Hasan that his drinking water is bad. His infant daughter Fatma’s continuous illnesses and his own constant nausea confirm it.

“We are the poor. No one cares if we get sick and die,” he said. “But someone should do something about the water. It is dirty. It brings disease.”

Everybody complains about the water in Baghdad , and few are willing to risk drinking it from the tap. Six years after the U.S. invaded Iraq , 36 percent of Baghdad’s drinking water is unsafe, according to the Iraqi Environment Ministry — in a good month. In a bad month, it’s 90 percent. Cholera broke out last summer, and officials fear another outbreak this year.

“Even if the water is good today, no one would trust it,” grocer Hussein Jawad said. He said that about 40 percent of his business was selling bottled drinking water, crates of which he’s stacked 7 feet high on the sidewalk. “We’ve learned to be afraid.”

Full Story…

Ron Paul Debates Steve Baldwin on Marijuana Legalization

The World According To Monsanto

Ron Paul on the D.L. Hughley Show

Dr. Paul was on the D.L. Hughley show last night. I have to agree with D.L. Hughley, Ron Paul makes “too much sense to be a Republican” (or a Democrat).

Peter Schiff: Get Out of the Dollar While You Still Can

Ron Paul, Michael Steele and Rush Limbaugh

Ron Paul is right, Steele is playing politics, and Rush is wrong (full of something besides just himself). What else is new…

United Nations Wants to Regulate Global Free Speech

Doctors As Drug Dealers: Money Talks – Profits Before Patient Safety

Go to www.moneytalksthemovie.com to learn more.