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The Swine Flu Hoax: Governments Scare People to Justify Power-Grabbing

We have been bombarded with mainstream “news” stories this last week about a Swine Flu pandemic, with hundreds or thousands dead (all of which turned out to be lies!).

We also heard about the possibility of martial law being used to quarantine U.S. cities and to force mandatory inoculations on the citizenry — never mind that during all of this hysteria there were no calls from those people to close down the border with the country which supposedly was the source of the “outbreak”.

Lets not forget that at the height of this artificial panic Obama moved to give 1.5 billion dollars to friends in the big pharma/medical industrial complex to combat the Swine Flu (a virus which many scientists and doctors are saying could only have been manufactured in a laboratory).

There were also top globalists that called the Swine Flu fears good for world government. It’s the same old story: governments use (or manufacture) a crisis, then pose as the savior while implementing a “solution” that takes away freedoms from the general population while magically making those in control more powerful and more rich.

The “War on Swine Flu” turned out to be like everything else governments lie about to steal power and money — a scam. But the fact that it was so universally hyped by governments and media — as if it was an exercise to psychologically prepare the masses — is not only suspicious, it’s is a very bad sign for what the future may hold when the next “crisis” comes around.


Here is a recent interview with Ron Paul in which he discusses many of these issues:



SEE ALSO: Ron Paul Skeptical of Swine Flu Hype, Fearmongering


6 Responses

  1. The swine flu had the potential of being a coup for those who crave (and hold) power. Fortunately for us all, the disease just wouldn’t cooperate!

    So the Swine move on to the next (fabricated) crisis.

  2. Well put Greg.

    I just took a look at your blog by the way — very nice. I’ll be stopping by again in the future. It’s always good to read the insights of informed, like-minded people.

  3. I am reading this swine flu hoax everywhere on the web. I am finding it hard to believe that they would create a lie this big but I wouldn’t put it past them to do. Is this true? How do we, as Americans, stop this country from being as manipulative and unjust as other countries…

    • As to your first question: I’m afraid the answer is yes, it sure appears to be true. After looking at the evidence objectively, it is less crazy to think another lie was created to manipulate the masses than it is to believe what was said in the recent propaganda-fest.

      The level of corruption and injustice only seems to be rising — not only in this country but worldwide. About the only way I know of to stop it is to fight back with the truth, wake people up, and to be as informed as possible.

  4. fortruthandfreedom – Thanks for the complement about the blog. You might be interested in this list, for finding more like-minded folks.

    Melissa – I don’t know how old you are, but how many of these do you remember?

    The Red Scare, Nuclear Winter, the Soviet Threat, MAD, the coming Ice Age (70s), the 70s Energy Crisis, the Aids Epidemic, SARS, Avian Flu, Y2K, Killer Bees, Mad Cow Disease, the Ozone Hole, Global Warming …

    Is there any doubt?

  5. so I’ve seen all the lies and BS..the real question is..what can we do to stop this ? Marshall Law??? confiscating your cash for lack of proof of it sitting under your mattress the last decade growing a penny at a time..why does our government have this right???? how can we take it back?

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