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17-Year-Old Girl Arrested for Swearing at Non-Responsive 911 Operator

The news clip below pretty much tells it all.

An arrogant Lincoln Park, Michigan police officer who forgot his job was to protect and to serve hung up on a 17-year-old girl’s 911 call during a medical emergency. Obviously anyone who has just seen their father (after recent brain surgery) fall down and have a seizure would be frantic — especially when the 911 operator doesn’t answer the phone quickly or help you when he does finally answer.

To finish off his power trip, he arrested the girl for “Abusing 911” when she had to physically go down to the police station to get help — a charge he made up on the spot.

7 Responses

  1. The cop lied on a report, endangering a citizen and conducted a false arrest and he only gets 2 weeks suspension!!??
    He should not receive one more cent of tax payers money!

    Demand Sgt Robert Mcfarland be fired over this incident!
    -Lincoln Park, Michigan contacts:
    Chief of Police, Thomas Karnes
    email: tkarnes@citylp.com
    (313) 381-1800
    -City Manager,Steve Duchane
    (313) 386-1800 EX 231
    -Police Department
    1427 Cleophus
    Lincoln Park MI 48146

  2. This guy is unbelievable. The fact that no one is talking about is that if this girl’s father died, Sgt McFarland would be blatantly guilty of man-slaughter. He deserves more than charges, he needs to spend time behind bars.

    I would love for every criminal in Lincoln park to beat this guy within an inch of his life, and leave this phuck-stick at the mercy of his own arrogant 911 ethics.

  3. I completely agree. He should return all the money he had every recieved from taxpayers. Unbelivable!

  4. what a real piece of garbage.

  5. How recent was this? I will, absolutely, write to complain about this man if this situation hasn’t already been resolved.

  6. This happened at the beginning of May. I haven’t heard about any new developments in the story. If I can find anything I’ll post an update.

  7. Chief Thomas Karnes announced that Sgt. Robert McFarland will face a 2-week suspension with no pay, and will take part in additional training.

    Meanwhile Ledesma and her father, who is home recovering, has hired an attorney and they’re talking settlement with the Lincoln Park.

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