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Government Healthcare Opponents Speaking Out, Grassroots Movement Growing

There’s been many attempts to spin, misrepresent and silence the large number of Americans who are speaking out against the proposed government takeover of the healthcare system. From calling it a “fake grassroots” movement, a “conspiracy of mobs”, and maybe the most absurd is from an AP report that “Harry Reid of Nevada accused the protesters of trying to “sabotage” the democratic process”. What could be more democratic than a large, lively debate?

On the one hand are groups of average people peacefully exercising their 1st Amendment rights like this rally in Troy, Michigan:

And like this heated debate at a town hall meeting in Philadelphia:

And in St. Louis after many government healthcare opponents are refused entrance into a town hall meeting:

And many others that can be viewed here and here.

On the other hand you have instances like these thugs with matching SEIU T-shirts physically assaulting and intimidating protestors like this after the town hall meeting in St. Louis—this is despicable:

Its not too hard to identify which movement is organic.

Think Congress will read this bill? They passed the banker bailout without reading it, they passed the cap and trade without reading it, is it really asking too much of our representatives/senators to at least read the bills before passing them?

Read it for yourself here.


SEIU Protest in St. Louis



3 Responses

  1. How can you be amazed by the American People? Let’s face it, where but in America could people fight for the rights of healthcare insurance companies to the detriment of themselves and their families? Where but in America could a Rush Limbaugh refer to our President as Adolf Hitler and have thousands of listeners applaud him? And where but in America could people refer to President Obama as the King of Spades? Yes, such knowledgeable and friendly people. Wouldn’t you want your son to grow up as stupid and lovable as these folks? Of course your son will have no healthcare by then but you’ll be on Medicare so why should you be concerned? Thank you for once again showing me how uneducated and vile Americans can be.

  2. Limbaugh is a loser and propagandist himself, its very sad that so many have fallen for his mind games–he only wants to make this a left/right issue and deepen the collectivism so people won’t think about what is really happening.

    Did I defend the insurance companies here? No, and you should realize that the whole system is set up to protect insurance companies, big pharma, etc. Even now much of the so-called government “regulation” at it’s core is designed to benefit these groups who return the favor with lobbying dollars. You think handing all the power to government will end this? The names and faces may change but it will ultimately be the same big corporations behind it all. Pharmaceutical companies will merge with the government, insurance companies will likely repurpose themselves into the system. These same corporations that you loathe so much now will become the government. Its called fascism.

  3. Well said Chris.

    If the government takes over healthcare it will only be the merger of corrupt and bloated corporations with corrupt and bloated government. Anyone who thinks this will somehow benefit us “little people” is delusional.

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