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Rand Paul Covers The Issues

Rand Paul on WYMT:

Rand Paul Speaks at a town hall meeting in Kentucky:

Donate at randpaul2010.com.


Lawmakers Refusing To Provide Details of Healthcare Bill

The healthcare bill is proving to be another “conceptual” unread bill that sold-out legislators will attempt to ram through Congress. Lawmakers are refusing to provide the text of the actual bill, leaving it’s cost and other details completely unkown to all except those who are writing it. Idaho Congressman Mike Crapo has so far been unable to obtain the text of the bill.

Student Bystanders Trapped & Pepper Sprayed By Riot Police During G20 Protests

Update: Protesters blast police response, Oakland arrests

Tough guy riot cops trap, tear-gas and pepper spray college student bystanders on the University of Pittsburgh campus during the G20 protests. Pretty sickening, likely won’t find it on the evening news.

Here’s an excerpt from a reddit article today written by a student in the middle of the storm trooper invasion:

…Here is the part where I felt most violated — The riot cops then ENTERED our dormitory and shouted that students needed to return to their rooms immediately. Anyone arrested, they said, would be expelled from the University of Pittsburgh, no questions asked.

Reddit, is that legal? Would police be able to force someone on the sidewalk back in their home and make them barricade themselves in their basement?

Here’s another part that got me — I saw students try to get in the doors closest to their dorm building (there are 3 towers), and the door was LOCKED. These students did not have time to run around the building. And they were grabbed.


So, in the news, you’ll hear that police secured the campus from anarchists. Not that students were attacked by security forces supposedly there to protect them. PLEASE, help me get the word out. I’ll be around all day tomorrow for questions.

[Read full article “Armored Police Seize University of Pittsburgh Campus, Attack Students, Then Claim They Were Stopping Anarchists @ G20″]

Sickening account of a woman attacked for helping students escape brutality

The lone AP article of course starts out with info about “anarchists”. From the other video footage I saw there were definitely some idiotic “anarchists”/provocateurs there but the majority of people and students there were peacefully assembling and had their rights violated by the Pittsburg police:

G-20 opponents, police clash on Pittsburgh streets

*****Riot Police Trample Over American’s Rights and The Voice of Reason During Pittsburgh G20*****

Provocateur Cops Caught Disguised As Anarchists At G20

Police say Californian did most of damage at G-20 So the justification for downtown Pittsburgh basically being placed under martial law and terrorized by 4,000 Darth Vader-like storm trooopers comes mostly from the actions of one guy?

Video: Activists rail against the “military-style occupation” that resulted in the gassing and arrest of dozens of bystanders, including students and journalists.

Police actions in Oakland dominate Pittsburgh’s G20 discussion

Many of the 110 people arrested that night were trying to follow a dispersal order, but they were encircled by police near the Cathedral of Learning on the University of Pittsburgh campus, many activists said.

“It was not a failure to disperse that I was charged with. It was a failure to escape,” said Keith DeVries, 23, a Pitt student who was among those arrested.

I just wanted to say that my daughter Martha, a 19 year old sophomore at the University of Pittsburgh, on Thursday night was rousted by police from the school library where she was studying, ordered to leave her belongings behind and herded into the street where she was tear-gassed, sound cannoned and hit by a plexiglass shield for exercising her right to be a young person outdoors on her campus on a pleasant fall night. I suppose I should be grateful because other kids were roughed up much worse by the police that night. This is just one aspect of the G20 that will never receive the attention it deserves. You have no idea how bad it was here.

Also, you might be interested in the linked article in which Pitt’s police chief pats himselfs on the back for his handling of the situation and cynically refers to the victims as “innocents” who chose to put themselves in harm’s way. Note the Chief’s presumption that the police have the right to break up any assembly. Very disturbing.

from the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

Who Controlled the Black Bloc Anarchists during Britain’s G20 protest in April of this Year

Ron Paul on G-20 Summit in Pittsburgh

Rand Paul on Healthcare, Inflation, & True Free Markets

Good interview with Rand Paul on CSPAN, Sept 16th, 2009. Rand makes some very important points about healthcare, the increasing price inflation, and the need for price mobility and true free markets instead of government price controls. Rand is very articulate and succinct here. Rand’s response (at the end of part 2) to the woman’s claim that ‘healthcare is a right’ was great.

Rand is bombarded with a suspiciously one-sided batch of callers all wanting socialized healthcare handouts, some of them quite belligerent, and yet he still keeps his cool while carefully explaining what is really happening with healthcare access and expenses. Get this guy elected!

Rand Paul raised over a million dollars today for his Kentucky senate run… You can donate here.

Peter Schiff Announces Candidacy for Senate in Connecticut!



Rand Paul on the Morning Joe show