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Help support freedom of health speech and end criminalization of vitamin, supplement makers

End censorship of the science behind health supplementsTake Action Today!

Read the bills in Congress:
H.R.4913 – Free Speech About Science Act of 2010
H.R.3394 Freedom of Health Speech Act
H.R.3395 – Health Freedom Act

From Citizens For Health:

Consumers are largely kept in the dark about the potential health benefits of foods and supplements. Why? Because current law makes it illegal for food and supplement producers to share this information. In fact, the Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act states that a drug is defined as that which is intended to cure, treat, mitigate, diagnose, or prevent disease conditions. Therefore, foods or dietary supplements found to be beneficial for health conditions are in the eyes of the Federal Regulators unapproved drugs. Representatives Jason Chaffetz (R, UT) and Jared Polis (D, CO), both co-chairs of the Dietary Supplement Caucus, have introduced H.R. 4913, the Free Speech about Science Act. This landmark legislation ensures basic free speech rights, ends censorship of science, and enables the natural health products community to share peer-reviewed scientific findings about natural health products with the public. This is a small bill with vast potential leverage.

Along with Representative Ron Paul’s bills – HR 3394, the Freedom of Health Speech Act, and HR 3395, the Health Freedom Act – this newly-introduced legislation can finally advance the debate regarding the suppression of knowledge about the relationship between food, supplements and health. Representative Paul has long championed permitting sound science to be used by marketers of both food and supplements .

Ron Paul on the Health Care ‘Reform’ bill:

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