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This blog is devoted to researching, analyzing and commenting on political, economic and societal issues and news relative to liberty. Our goal is to promote peace, contribute to the general enlightenment of our country, and serve in the pursuit of liberty and happiness.

11 Responses

  1. Very informative site! I was already aware of Ron Paul and some of his strengths and qualities but this seals it for me – Ron Paul for president in 2008!

  2. No question, RON PAUL 2008. We need to get this man elected post haste.

  3. Great blog! Added you to my blogroll.

  4. Hello!

    I want to encorage fellow American supporters of Ron Paul to press on with the fight even though we lost the NH round recently.

    I have invited hundreds of my friends to support Ron Paul from Asia. And this is my first comic creation on Ron Paul and i have embedded it on my blog. Many more Ron Paul comics are on the way. Please be my comic fan on Comiqs.com.

    See my Ron Paul comic here:-

    It’s not only Americans who need Ron Paul. The world needs Ron Paul too!

    Live Free or Die!!!

    Jairus, Singapore

  5. Newest column on the financial collapse:

    “The Stearnest Bear Market: Bloody Sunday”
    by Michael Fox

    Urgent read new Article at Smirking Chimp.com

  6. Hi DLR,

    Thanks for putting together a great website, I like the clean look and good color contrast. Also, thanks for promoting the revolution march.

    However, I was wondering if you might be willing to help with something.

    As you probably know, BJ Lawson is running as a Ron Paul republican in North Carolina’s 4th district.

    If you have a few spare moments, do you think you might be willing to help him out? Specifically, do you think it might be possible to give his campaign efforts a little bit of ink or perhaps some space on one of your blogs sidebars?

    Lawson’s webpage is here:


    Just to wrap this up, Lawson is perhaps the strongest of all the Ron Paul republicans. So far he’s beaten his primary opponent with 71% of the vote and he’s got a good plan for the general election.

  7. James, I checked out Lawson’s website, looks like a great candidate. I hope he gets elected. Banner added. I will plan to add more on the blog about him and other Ron Paul/liberty candidates in the near future. Thanks.

  8. Dear Sir:

    Would like to discuss with you about doing some link exchange and cross promotions with your site: Daily Liberty Research.

    We are a leading web site, promoting the conservative philosophy of Ron Paul and the concept of liberty.

    At the height of the Ron Paul Revoultion, our web sites were getting about 1,000 hits a day. Furthermore, we supplied the bulk of the yard signs and bumper stickers to the movement. We made over 200,000 yard signs, and 450,000 stickers.

    We are a highly ranked web site, per an independent source http://www.alexa.com

    Ronpaulstickers.com has a traffic rank of: 1,348,155

    You may wish to check the ranking of your own web site.

    If you wish to continue the campaign for liberty, and help each other by exchanging links, we would like to hear back from you.


    Don Campbell
    Web Master

  9. Sure, lets do it Don.

  10. Remember, remember, the 5th of November…

    …and know that the Liberty Grassroots is alive, and well. Know that we will not give up, will not let up, and will not go quietly into the night.

    We’ve done it before and we are doing it again; bigger… better… bolder.


    On November 5th, 2009 the world will see how we have grown; how we are mobilizing; how we are fighting the electoral battles on all fronts; how we are determined to restore respect for the US Constitution; and integrity to our system of government.

    All candidates at http://www.ThisNovember5th.com believe in the Constitution, Freedom, and Rule of Law. For most, this is their first time to run for public office. Let’s kick out the people that got us into this mess and take our country back!

    Do something worthy of telling your grandchildren – Be a part of it.

    Spread the message!


    Join us:

  11. Announcing a bold new book for Latter-day Saints:

    Walking in Darkness at Noonday: The Cunning Plan to Destroy the Agency of Man

    You may see the front cover of the book and read a short synopsis at http://www.theagencyofman.com/. If the book is of interest to you and you would like to review it, I will happy to have a complimentary copy sent to you.

    Best regards,

    John C. Greene
    137 Hemlock Drive
    Deep River, CT 06417

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