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Peter Schiff: Dollar Will Fall, Higher Interest Rates Needed

Peter Schiff on Bloomberg 10.28.2008:

Mitt Romney Endorses Ron Paul

Okay, Romney didn’t actually endorse Ron Paul — but he might as well have. In this interview with Mark Larsen on The Morning Magazine show out of Tampa Bay Romney basically says (in so many words): “I am part of the corrupt political elite. I will not do anything to fix the problems in this country, but I might make them worse — at the very least I will continue with our failed policies. Everyone should vote for Ron Paul instead of me or any of the other candidates.”

Ron Paul MSNBC Florida Debate 1.24.08

The other candidates and the MSM are just flat out scared of Dr. Paul now, hoping to avoid having to confront him or be confronted by him because they know they always lose. No more half-witted attempts to make him look bad, no more strange cackling while he speaks, just avoiding eye contact seems to be their plan.

Total Times
Romney: 21:11, during 13 times
McCain: 16:00, during 13 times
Giuliani: 13:50, during 11 times
Huckabee: 12:11, during nine times
Paul: 6:31, during six times

John McCain was very confused.

And then of course there’s the strange “man behind the curtain” whispering to Romney, apparently the brains of the operation.

Ron Paul is Strongest Opponent of Real ID

The Real ID basically amounts to an illegal threat to our privacy, security and identity. The national ID card, potentially a forced replacement of your driver’s license, would track your every move, make you more susceptible to identity theft, and likely decrease national security. John McCain, Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, Mike Huckabee, Mitt Romney and Rudy Giuliani want to help the HSD implement it.

[Ironically Hillary Clinton, John McCain, and Barack Obama each have had their private passport information accessed illegally by contractors working for the government.]

Real ID watchdog group The Visible Vote 08 has praised Ron Paul for his consistently strong opposition to the Real ID Act:

“(T)he strongest opponent of the Act among presidential candidates is Ron Paul, who has taken every opportunity to warn of the creation of a national ID card and the threat to individual privacy facing Americans as a result of enactment of Real ID… Ron Paul is the only presidential candidate who has consistently raised the issue of the Real ID Act in presidential debates this year.”

Visible Vote notes that Republican candidates John McCain, Mitt Romney and Rudy Giuliani all support the Real ID Act.

Why is there not a bigger outcry against the Real ID Act? Some of the details of the Act finally hit mainstream news this past week, but its definitely not a new piece of legislation.
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Ron Paul Town Hall Meeting 1/06/07

Ron Paul Town Hall Meeting 1/06/07, Manchester, New Hampshire

For those of you tired of only hearing the 10 second sound bytes about candidates’ positions, this is an amazingly detailed and informative discussion Ron Paul had with the town of Manchester, NH. He takes extra time and care to explain his foreign policy, his proposed solutions for the economic crisis, his position on withdrawing from the Iraq War (addresses McCain’s remarks about staying in Iraq for 100 years), education, and other important issues.

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Who do the People Really Want to Elect?

If the number of meetup group supporters is any indication of the voice of the people, Ron Paul has all the candidates beat by a long shot.

Click here and scroll down for a quick view of each presidential candidates meetup group totals. Notice that Ron Paul has over 73,000 more meetup.com members than the next highest, Barack Obama who has around 5,600. Also take note of the activity level of the members and the fact that Ron Paul has members in 24 different countries.


Important Lew Rockwell Post

Open Letter to Mormons Regarding Ron Paul

. . .All the other Republican and Democratic candidates reveal themselves as lusting for power, to be in various stages of corruption, using weasel words with coached speeches and phrases intended to deceive a dumbed-down American public. This deception is facilitated by a mainstream press that has become dominated by a corporate establishment that has a globalist agenda. This agenda requires reduced national sovereignty. All these other candidates approve of this agenda.

. . .If we sit idly by, unmoved by the special knowledge which has been given, we are told our state will be awful. Latter-day Saints have been directed to give heed to the Lord’s commandments concerning the laws of the land. We have been told to support that law of the land which is constitutional and not tamper with it:

Ron Paul Climbs to 8% in NH Poll

CNN reports that “the percentage of support for Paul grew from 4 percent to 8 percent, putting him fourth among the GOP contenders in the Granite State.”

“The Texas congressman, who once ran for president on the Libertarian Party ticket, has gained notice as the sole advocate of a U.S. withdrawal from Iraq among the GOP field — and he raised eyebrows in Washington earlier this month when supporters claimed to have raised $4.3 million in a single day of online fund-raising. The figure can’t be independently confirmed until Federal Election Commission reports are filed at the end of the year.”

The report also noted that “Romney’s support grew from 25 percent to 33 percent over the same period; McCain held steady at 18 percent; and Giuliani dipped from 24 to 16 percent.”

Ron Paul Looking For Early New Hampshire Win

There is the very real possibility of Ron Paul winning in the New Hampshire primary, which may be held as early as December. A win in the “live free or die” state would have an amazing effect on the outcome of elections across the country, especially if the New Hampshire primary ends up being the first primary held in 2008, as it likely will be.

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Giuliani, Thompson, Romney, Mukasey Refuse to Denounce Waterboarding

Rudy Giuliani, Fred Thompson, and Mitt Romney have all joined Michael Mukasey in refusing to denounce the use of waterboarding on detainees, a technique classified as torture since the Spanish Inquisition.

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Values Voter Straw Poll Results

5,775 votes were cast in the Values Voters Straw Poll. Each FRC Action member has a unique identifier used when they vote electronically, thus allowing each voter only one vote. FRC Action could choose to either vote on-line, by mail, or at electronic voting stations. All the candidates from both political parties were included on the ballot. Here’s the results:

Candidate Name Total Votes Percentage

1. Mitt Romney 1,595 27.62 %
2. Mike Huckabee 1,565 27.10 %
3. Ron Paul 865 14.98%
4. Fred Thompson 564 9.77 %
5. Sam Brownback 297 5.14 %
6. Duncan Hunter 140 2.42 %
7. Tom Tancredo 133 2.30 %
8. Rudy Giuliani 107 1.85 %
9. John McCain 81 1.40 %

* The full results can be seen at www.frcaction.org

According to the website “FRC Action is dedicated to preserving and advancing the interests of family, faith, and freedom in the political arena.” It seems to be an organization largely supported by the religious right.

Ron Paul Winning Straw Polls Nationwide

Ron Paul is winning a majority of the straw polls nationwide, many of them by a wide margin.

Squabbling over Ron Paul Supporters, Ignoring the Real Issues


by Chris Anderson

There have been some articles posted lately criticizing Ron Paul supporters for their unconventional approach to getting the word out about the campaign. Specifically characterizing some of their blog and article comment posts as “irritating,” “spam,” or simply asking them to “consider leaving comments with more substance.” While the later comment is certainly well-advised and worth taking to heart, the act of squabbling over methods rather than the message is merely an underhanded attempt at discrediting the Ron Paul campaign itself, a tactic which was started by the mainstream media and is now being perpetuated by bloggers.

The fact that Ron Paul supporters are enthusiastic and willing to work in the trenches disseminating information about him should alert any intelligent person that there is something important about the Ron Paul message and that it needs to be investigated more thoroughly by them.

To be honest, in my own news and blog travels I haven’t come across much intelligent debate at all from other candidate’s supporters, so on the face of it this argument against Ron Paul supporters is one-sided. On the internet I have found the other candidates’ supporters to be few in numbers, unsure of their position and/or simply avoiding anyone who challenges their uninformed political paradigm.

Where are the Thompson supporters commenting on their candidate here? I have found some Mitt Romney supporters, unfortunately the majority of them are simply uninformed about whats going on in the socio-political realm. If anything, Ron Paul supporters are several steps above anyone else with their intelligent and information-driven approach to the debate.

Even still, we can certainly take a cue from Van der Galien and step it up another level. Lets be more active, more thoughtful, more informed, and certainly take time to more fully investigate the other candidates, the issues, and know the Constitution so that we can speak with authority on the issues.

Part of knowing the value of Ron Paul is understanding the lack thereof in the other candidates. Here’s my analysis of Ron Paul vs Mitt Romney having studied their campaign websites.

Being a Mormon, I would quickly support Mitt Romney if he would just support the Constitution. Its clear he isn’t doing that.

Or here’s fantastic analysis of why the GOP needs to nominate Ron Paul.

What do I even need to say about Giuliani and McCain? Do some research for yourselves America!

Many of our own government leaders are either ignorant of the Constitution like Nancy Pelosi or blatantly trying to destroy it. This is why Ron Paul’s message is so important. This is why we need to give no credence to the “spammer” allegations, and not allow the main-stream media or anyone else to discredit the growing sentiments for a return to the values set forth in the Constitution. There are real issues relative to the survival of our nation that need to be discussed. Lets focus on those.