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Pilot refuses TSA naked body scan & grope-down

Follow this link to see video of the CNN interview, from the Daily Paul:
It’s BEGUN; ALL it takes is JUST ONE BRAVE SOUL: CNN- Pilot REFUSE TSA FullBodyScan & Grope-Down!

Good for him, looks like many of his colleagues are standing with him on this move:

Pilots voice support for Michael Roberts on ExpressJet online forums

From pilot sspears737 on the forums:

“Good for you I can’t see why you shouldn’t have been allowed passage. I have a friend who was almost denied passage at terminal C in IAH the other day. The TSA screener threatened him with a pat down at which he stated he had no problem undergoing a pat down. The TSA screener a female then stated, “she would grab his crotch.” I wish I was making this ***** up. It’s the blind leading the blind at the TSA. Good luck with your incident I was harassed myself in terminal E and I understand the lack of accountability that TSA agents have when dealing with the public. You can be threatened at a moments notice by an agent if they see fit…”

Pilot Who Refused Full-Body Scan Railed Against TSA For Months

How A Pilot Refused A Full Body Scan And Now May Lose His Job

Chertoff and Company Pushes for Body Scanners, admits a financial conflict of interest:

Commercial airline pilot refuses full body scan

“The 35-year-old Roberts told The Commercial Appeal newspaper he wants to go to work and not be ‘harassed or molested without cause.'”

Despite record unemployment, Congress votes to spend taxpayer money on war

With real unemployment at around 22% and the recent admission that Goldman Sachs gave billions of dollars of the ‘bailout’ money they received from taxpayers to “overseas banks, hedge funds and pensions“, how can Congress possibly vote to spend another $37 billion of taxpayer money on wars that only create more enemies for the US? Will Congress ever stop selling out the America people?

Not only was the new war spending bill approved by the House, there was also a domestic spending package originally attached to the bill (which ‘contained a variety of domestic spending measures, including $10 billion for a fund to avoid layoffs of teachers, $5 billion for Pell Grants for low-income college students and $1 billion for a program to help teenagers and young adults get summer jobs’ ) that was cut from the approved version.

Ron Paul and Dennis Kucinich join forces to push for U.S. withdrawal from Pakistan

Kucinich on Afghan War: ‘Bring Our Troops Home, End the War, Secure Our Economy’

With an approval rating of 37%,there are calls to end the war in Afghanistan coming from every direction. Here’s some more reasons to do so:

Leadership is in disarray, some claiming that the U.S. is in the middle of a military quagmire (now the longest war in U.S. history) and failing to weaken terrorist networks. “‘Even Afghans are confused by Afghanistan,’ [McChrystal] says. But even if he somehow manages to succeed, after years of bloody fighting with Afghan kids who pose no threat to the U.S. homeland, the war will do little to shut down Al Qaeda, which has shifted its operations to Pakistan.” Read full Rolling Stone article.

Taxpayer money ending up in the hands of the Taliban.
ABC: “U.S. Paying Taliban For Safe Passage Of Supply Trucks! 3000 USD Per Truck!”

ABC: “US Military Helping Afghan Farmers Grow Opium Poppies!” this not only supports the drug trade, but also ultimately provides more money to the Taliban).

Ron Paul: “I remain skeptical that as foreign occupiers we can ever impose Western-style democracy on another country.” The RS article quoted above also notes that Karzai, the would-be new ‘democratic’ leader of Afghanistan, is reluctant if not outright avoiding this potential position—not to mention the fact his credentials are shady at best.

Kucinich to Congress: “Bring Our Troops Home, End the War, Secure Our Economy.” Last but not least, we can’t afford it.


Petraeus: Afghan withdrawals a ‘process,’ not an exit

Why Petraeus won’t salvage this war

6-19-2010: In the News

As usual there’s too much going on right now to sufficiently blog about all of it, here’s some links:

Ten Stories In The News That The BP Oil Spill Is Overshadowing , Prison Planet

H.R.5175 – DISCLOSE Act, Open Congress

DISCLOSing Contempt for Liberty and the Constitution, The Heritage Foundation

Obama Admin Keeping Blackwater Armed and Dangerous in Afghanistan, The Nation

Gold sets another record amid recovery uncertainty, SF Gate

Sincerely Yours: Another Legal Triumph for the Obama-Yoo Administration, Empire Burlesque

“Obama bade his legal henchmen — his own personal John Yoos, as it were — to tell the Supreme Court that it should kill the Canadian citizen’s case seeking compensation for his unlawful arrest by U.S. officials, who then rendered him not unto Caesar but to the untender mercies of Syria’s torture cells. The Robed Ones agreed, dismissing, without comment, Arar’s appeal of a lower court ruling that quashed his case — a decision that Scott Horton rightly likened last year to the Dred Scott case, which upheld the legality of slavery, even in states which prohibited it.”

Ron Paul on Gulf Oil Spill: There Should Be No Limits On Liability

Armada of U.S. and Israeli Warships Head for Iran , Infowars

Dennis Kucinich: ‘We have to get out of Afghanistan’

Dennis Kucinich is interviewed by Judge Napalitano, discussing Afghanistan, the BP oil spill, liberty vs. security, and a foreign policy that is likely leading to a failed empire.

Amy Goodman on Obama, Gaza attack, BP oil spill, & corporate-controlled media

Given her track record, Goodman is definitely someone who is motivated by principle and not by corporate sponsorship. Here she gives her views on Obama—  specificially saying that he is an “enormous disappointment” on the issue of expanded wars, bank bailouts, unemployment, torture, and his handling of the BP oil spill.

“I think the media has to be independent, it’s brought to us by corporations in the United States… when media is covering war they’re brought to you by weapons manufacturers, when they’re covering the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico they’re brought to you by the oil companies, when were covering the massy coal explosion in West Virginia they’re brought to you by the coal industry, they’re brought to you by the gas industry…”

Broken Soldier – Iraq War Veterans’ Stories

From Iraq Veterans Against the War