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How to reduce corruption in government

The following is a Ron Paul article written January 24, 2006:

New Rules, Same Game
by Ron Paul

Last week I mailed each of my congressional colleagues a copy of a speech outlining my views on the lobbying and ethics scandals engulfing Washington. I’m afraid many of them won’t like my conclusion: to reduce corruption in government, we must make government less powerful – and hence less interesting to lobbyists.

I find it hard to believe that changing the congressional ethics rules or placing new restrictions on lobbyists will do much good. After all, we already have laws against bribery, theft, and fraud. We already have ethics rules in Congress. We already have campaign finance reform. We already require campaigns and lobbyists to register with the federal government and disclose expenditures. We already require federal employees, including the president and members of congress, to take an oath of office. None of it is working, so why should we think more rules, regulations, or laws will change anything?

Lobbying, whether we like it or not, is constitutionally protected. The First amendment unequivocally recognizes the right of Americans to “petition the government for a redress of grievances.” We can’t deal with corruption in government by ignoring the Constitution.

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Ron Paul: Several Democrats Voted For Bill But Hoped It Wouldn’t Pass

Doctor Ron Paul on the Swine Flu Hysteria, Vaccines, and Homeland Security

Dr. Ron Paul puts the current Swine flu scare back in perspective.

In his informed, gentlemanly way he addresses media hysteria,  government hype, and the absurdity of the Department of Homeland Security’s involvement in these recent events:

Doctors As Drug Dealers: Money Talks – Profits Before Patient Safety

Go to www.moneytalksthemovie.com to learn more.

Ron Paul: Eliminate Income Tax and the IRS

Ron Paul gives us just a few of the reasons why we should get rid of the income tax and the IRS in this interview with Neil Cavuto from April 15, 2008.

As a bonus we get to hear Cavuto admit that the the “major networks” (notice he doesn’t specifically refer to his own network of Fox, who was/is the worst offender) treated Ron Paul and his presidential campaign unfairly.

U.S. Moving Toward Fascism: Ron Paul vs. Bernake Part #?

“It looks like we’ve really given up on the Republic — you know, freedom and the marketplace and sound money. All we accept is more encroachment of our civil liberties, more collusion between business and government. It looks like this is a massive increase in the combination of government and big business… the general rule is when government creates a regulation they create the need for two more regulations…”

Hearing Ron Paul carve up Bernake never gets old: