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Rand Paul Clarifies Stance After Media Attacks

After the Rand Paul Rachel Maddow interview and the media assault that followed against Rand Paul, Paul absolutely deserved a chance to clarify his position on the 1964 Civil Rights Act, which the media repeatedly misrepresented. It should be noted that Rand never said he would have voted against the Civil Rights Act had he been a Senator at the time, nor did he say anything to indicate that he favored segregation, whether it be in public or private sector, as the media claimed and ran with. In fact he said the opposite. Also, Paul isn’t off base to question how and what the government should be able to dictate with regard to a private entity’s property rights and 1st Amendment rights.  These are all important civil rights questions that relate to all aspects of our society, for example with socialized healthcare— Do people have a right to someone else’s service or labor? Do people have a right to someone’s business? Or in general, do people or businesses have a right to speak or write racist, offensive, or unpopular things?

As Rand said, calling him “racist” for his position on property rights is dishonest, he was clear in his position of being firmly against racial discrimination. This interview with Wolf Blitzer on CNN gave Rand a chance to clarify how he might have voted on the Civil Rights Act, had he been a Senator in 1964:

Also worth a listen is the Rand Interview on the Laura Ingraham Show from 5/20/2010:

It’s all part of a regular exercise that the MSM undergoes with popular non-establishment political candidates— seeking to twist their words and demonize them, most often using the “racist” label as their tool. It seems that if they can even suggest the idea that the candidate might maybe, possibly have said or suggested something close to being racist then maybe some non-informed voters will be afraid of him and never investigate or find the truth. The truth being that Rand Paul will likely be much more of a protector of the rights of individuals’ from all races than probably 99.9% of all other senatorial candidates or sitting Senators. It’s an effective distraction as the country faces a massive currency and economic crisis, and as they work on passing the “finance reform” bill.


McCain = Bush = No 1st Amendment?

It’s good to know that John McCain and his secret service are protecting us against 61 year-old librarians:

THIS is from MTV???


The videos linked to below very well could be what “the unintended consequences of not electing Ron Paul” will look like (as they were titled on YouTube) in the not too distant future. With the emerging police state and the erosion of the Constitution through the Patriot Act, Homegrown Terrorism Prevention Act, etc the message in these ads is spot on and needs to be heard.

Though these ads have been out for awhile I just saw them today. I’m out of the MTV loop since I stopped watching it years ago (when they became a mostly obsolete network that produces extremely shallow “reality” TV crap). I do miss the good old days though when they actually used to play music videos. Perhaps MTV is trying to become relevant again? If they keep putting out messages like this it might just work.

Just as I wrote this the YouTube video was taken down and other versions aren’t embeddable on WordPress so here are links to the ads:

The Holocaust Happened to People Like Us:

“Family Room”


Also, on second thought I have to give MTV some credit for their political action efforts. They do encourage people to get educated and involved in politics and to register to vote, which is more than can be said for most other networks. Plus, their presidential debate was by far the most balanced and objective — MTV was much better than CNN or Fox — all candidates were treated fairly and given equal time.

Cops Shoot Woman Twice, Laugh About It

A crowd of Miami storm troopers shot an unarmed woman — twice. Then they joked and laughed about it. They also referred to innocent citizens as “scurrying cockroaches”.

An innocent Ohio woman called 911 and was essentially gang raped (absent penetration) by a group of cops then left naked for hours in a jail cell; AKA “strip searched”.

Honest, good police deserve everyones respect for doing a difficult job. But there is a dangerous trend occurring in this country that only seems to be getting worse. More and more limits are being placed on our civil/Constitutional rights while our police forces are simultaneously becoming more militarized.

Pointless and often brutal police state tactics include the tasing of our fellow citizens at the drop of a hat, which have sometimes resulted in the death of the victims — er, I mean “suspects”. This is nothing less than an instant death penalty of sorts, but without formal charges or a trial. Sadly, these incidents may be only the beginning if this trend continues. If it can happen to these people, it can happen to any of us.

Read more on this topic: The Lesson? Record All Encounters With Police