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Ron Paul : Audit the gold

CNBC Anchors Upset When They Unintentially Air Ron Paul’s Opening Statement to House Financial Services Committee

When you work at CNBC you just don’t want the unfiltered truth getting out across the airwaves (notice the reaction of the talking heads at 2:23).

Ron Paul said things like: “This is the end of an era. You can’t reinflate the bubble… it has failed” which is of course waaay too truthful to be shown uncensored:

Ron Paul: Auto Rescue is Damaging to Economy

Ron Paul discussed Bush’s bailout of the auto industry on Fox Business channel 12.19.2008:

U.S. Economy: The Philosopher’s Stone

Jim Rogers: Elite Turning Recession Into A Depression

Ron Paul on Bloomberg TV

Dr. Paul discusses regulation, the proper role of government, the SEC, moral hazard, etc.

Ron Paul: Don’t Bail Out the Auto Industry

Ron Paul gets it right again:

Ron Paul: End of the Fiat Dollar

Ron Paul vs. Bernake 11/18/08

Ron Paul on the Global Economic Summit

Peter Schiff Was Right

I saw this on the Lew Rockwell blog and had to repost it. It’s pretty interesting, there are old clips of Peter Schiff talking about the economy on TV with other economists. They all make fun of Schiff for his views but he was the only one that turned out to be correct in the predictions he was making — a lot like Ron Paul vs. the status quo Republicans.

More From Ron Paul on the Corporate Hand-outs, Economy

Ron Paul’s appearance on Fox News 11.10.2008.

The most recent $40 billion gift to AIG is more of the same failed economic policy. I’m reminded of a picture I saw of Ron Paul in his office. On his desk he had/has a sign that says: “Don’t Steal, the Government Hates Competition”. It’s both funny and sad, but completely true.

Ron Paul on the Economy, Possibility of World Currency

Ron Paul Discusses Today’s Election and What it Means for the Country

Ron Paul (the man who in a perfect world would’ve been elected president today) was interviewed on CNN’s American Morning show. He discussed the elections and what a new president will mean to our country.

Let’s just say it doesn’t look good no matter who of the two “evils” wins today.

Chuck Baldwin on the Bank Bailout Scam

Visit Chuck Baldwin’s website.