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Ron Paul: Stress Tests Are Just For Show

Peter Schiff on the Fed, Lending, and the Swine Flu

Peter Schiff: Get Out of the Dollar While You Still Can

Peter Schiff Was Right

I saw this on the Lew Rockwell blog and had to repost it. It’s pretty interesting, there are old clips of Peter Schiff talking about the economy on TV with other economists. They all make fun of Schiff for his views but he was the only one that turned out to be correct in the predictions he was making — a lot like Ron Paul vs. the status quo Republicans.

Chuck Baldwin on the Bank Bailout Scam

Visit Chuck Baldwin’s website.

Glenn Beck Talks Economic Breakdown, Martial Law

Here is Glenn Beck on October 13, 2008 with economist Peter Schiff.

Beck seems to finally be coming completely around to what many of us have known for quite a while. Along with making comparisons between where the U.S. is headed and the Weimar Republic, they also discuss (briefly) the likelihood of a conspiracy for an eventual global currency and the possibility of martial law in the the streets of America:

See Also: Is Martial Law Coming to a Town Near You?

Glenn Beck “Endgame of the New World Order”


Ron Paul: With or Without Bailout There Could Be a Depression

The revised bailout has a few good things in it, along with more bad things — and it’s loaded with “pork”.  When it’s all said and done and the bailout is passed, there will still be a recession and maybe a depression.