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GOP New Hampshire Recount Begins Today

Hand-tally expected to start today; Democrat Kucinich opts to end his recount.
Nashua Telegraph, 1.24.08
The Telegraph has confirmed that an elaborate supporter network for Republican presidential candidate and Texas Rep. Ron Paul has raised the $59,600 to recount GOP ballots from the New Hampshire primary.

The recount is expected to start this morning. Democratic presidential candidate and Ohio Rep. Dennis Kucinich ended his requested recount of New Hampshire primary ballots Wednesday.


Huckabee, Paul and the Iowa Caucus Results

I’ve listed the Iowa results below, but here are my thoughts on the first caucus. Paul made a good showing and finished basically in 4th place in Iowa, with McCain and Thompson tied for 3rd, and Giuliani barely even placed with 3% of the Iowa vote.

Paul’s 10% is a great finish for many reasons. One, he was excluded from the upcoming Fox News debate because of supposed low polling numbers nationwide, but Giuliani was invited while only receiving 3% of the Iowa vote. This just confirms again that Fox is favoring the neocon GOP candidates, and that Paul has a stronger percentage of the GOP vote than the media and pollsters are reporting. Most pollsters had Paul between 3% and 6% in Iowa. CNN today failed to list Paul’s name next to his 10% section on a pie chart showing the GOP vote percentages, while listing the other candidates names. Make no mistake about this, Ron Paul’s support was vastly underreported and downplayed by the media.

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CNN Post Debate Interview With Ron Paul

CNN Youtube Debates: They’re Stealing Ron Paul’s Lines

The strange thing I noticed during this debate was that many of the candidates (Huckabee, Giuliani, Thompson, etc.) are stealing Ron Paul’s positions on some issues. Huckabee is now extremely vocal about getting rid of the IRS, Thompson wants to overturn Roe V. Wade and hand the abortion issue to the states? These are both positions initially taken and championed by Paul—his outspokenness on these issues has made them popular and accepted. The other candidates are realizing that Paul’s ideals are popular and they’re trying to cash in and steal his thunder at the debates. Thats politicians for you.

Overall Ron Paul’s message and answers were clear, direct, and strong. This doesn’t leave a lot for the other candidates to attack, and maybe thats part of why Paul gets less time to speak. He clearly stated his position on defending national sovereignty, eliminating needless/unconstitutional government institutions and spending, protecting the country and not engaging in unlawful, no win, wars that we can’t afford. One of Paul’s great moments was when he declared that Washington had not changed him, after other candidates admitted it had changed them.

I was again disappointed by the lack of air time that Ron Paul received, the post debate stats prove a great time imbalance, as usual most of the questions were directed to Giuliani, Romney, and McCain. Low points of the debate included the bickering between Romney and Giuliani over the percentages of crime that they decreased and about who had a worse record on immigration.

Even Romney took a stand against Huckabee’s government-funded illegal immigrant scholarship program that he set up in Arkansas, noting that “this is not your money to give” to illegals, its the taxpayers’. Still, all the candidates including Romney pale in comparison to the principled nature of Ron Paul and his relentless record of voting according to Constitutional law.

John McCain took on the role as self-proclaimed spokesman for the troops, using a question about taxes to attack Paul on foreign policy. Paul reminded McCain quickly “the question you have to ask is why do I get the most money from active duty personnel?” End of debate. McCain’s inconsistencies were revealed here, as he had earlier in the debate admitted that Iraq is a failure, now he tried to smear Paul for his position of bringing the troops home in order to limit the damages done to our troops and the region. McCain appropriately received plenty of boos for his remarks here.

After the debate Ron Paul spoke about how he was a little annoyed by not being able to speak until a half hour into the debate and even then only given a few minutes here and there. However, Paul, a true liberty supporter to the end, said “they have their right to be biased.” I love this guy, he always goes out of his way to be fair and liberty-minded even when people often aren’t at all fair to him. We need to get him elected.

Sunday Debate Stacked Against Ron Paul?


Manipulative questioning, unusually high amounts of booing from the crowd, and a non-partial moderator raises the question: Was yesterday’s Fox News GOP debate stacked against Ron Paul?

Liberty Alliance further examined this question yesterday:

The marginalization began early, before the debate had even started. Frank Luntz, the noted Republican political pollster and operative who has so mastered the art of ideological manipulation that he was featured in the PBS Frontline documentary The Persuaders, was tapped to “moderate” a focus group of twenty-five preselected people (the methodology of their selection was not revealed in the broadcast). Luntz is someone who is not exactly an impartial fellow; according to cited references in his Wikipedia article, he has been “accused of skewing research results to reflect more favorably on specific clients.

Paul was further hindered and marginalized by the makeup of the crowd in the auditorium. It actively booed him on many issues, which had not happened in earlier debates, and he implied in the Post-debate interview that the organizers purposely limited the number of Paul supporters in the hall by issuing each candidate the same number of tickets. With pro-war supporters outnumbering anti-war supporters 7:1, the crowd was guaranteed to be hostile to Ron.

It also needs mentioning, as Ed Morrissey wrote today, that the dramatic MLB game 7 between the Red Sox and Indians started about 20 minutes into the debate. Only top-tier candidates were asked and responded to questions for the first 15-20 minutes of the debate. This effectively minimized the amount of exposure that Ron Paul got, assuming many viewers flipped the channel to watch the game. Very clever.

Its clear that there is an effort to single out Paul as a candidate to be discredited. Ron Paul is now a GOP threat with a lot of campaign support, and the media can no longer passively ignore or nonchalantly ridicule him. Many people are already aware of Fox News’ manipulation tactics, and hopefully more will start to open their eyes. The gloves are off, and its time for Ron Paul supporters to step forward.

In Spite of all the political spinning and propagandizing, Ron Paul won the post debate text poll easily, as he always does. A highlight in the post-debate interview was when Alan Colmes asked Paul, “How does an anti-war Republican win the nomination?”

Paul’s reponse was quick and sharp, “We’ve never had a warmongering president running on that [Republican] program.”

Toward the end of the interview Sean Hannity attempted to shrug off the poll results as unreliable, but Ron Paul shot back by saying, “You mean your own poll isn’t any good?”

Nice try Hannity.

Why The GOP Must Nominate Ron Paul

“Why must the Republican Party nominate a 72-year-old grandfather from the Gulf Coast of Texas, until the past few months little known outside his district, as its 2008 standard-bearer? Very simple: the alternative is eight years of President Hillary Clinton. That ought to be enough to get the attention of every conservative who happens upon these words, so let me explain.” Read full story

Ron Paul raises over $5 million in 3rd quarter!