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Ron Paul: We have one political party and all they fight over is power

Republicans and Democrats belong to the same political party, fighting over power–not philosophy:


Rand Paul on Healthcare, Inflation, & True Free Markets

Good interview with Rand Paul on CSPAN, Sept 16th, 2009. Rand makes some very important points about healthcare, the increasing price inflation, and the need for price mobility and true free markets instead of government price controls. Rand is very articulate and succinct here. Rand’s response (at the end of part 2) to the woman’s claim that ‘healthcare is a right’ was great.

Rand is bombarded with a suspiciously one-sided batch of callers all wanting socialized healthcare handouts, some of them quite belligerent, and yet he still keeps his cool while carefully explaining what is really happening with healthcare access and expenses. Get this guy elected!

Rand Paul raised over a million dollars today for his Kentucky senate run… You can donate here.

Health Care Debate on Larry King Live with Dr. Ron Paul

It defies all logic and common sense to put the government in charge of anything important–especially health care.

Wasting money and waging unnecessary wars are about the only two things that the government consistently does efficiently and well.

Government Healthcare Opponents Speaking Out, Grassroots Movement Growing

There’s been many attempts to spin, misrepresent and silence the large number of Americans who are speaking out against the proposed government takeover of the healthcare system. From calling it a “fake grassroots” movement, a “conspiracy of mobs”, and maybe the most absurd is from an AP report that “Harry Reid of Nevada accused the protesters of trying to “sabotage” the democratic process”. What could be more democratic than a large, lively debate?

On the one hand are groups of average people peacefully exercising their 1st Amendment rights like this rally in Troy, Michigan:

And like this heated debate at a town hall meeting in Philadelphia:

And in St. Louis after many government healthcare opponents are refused entrance into a town hall meeting:

And many others that can be viewed here and here.

On the other hand you have instances like these thugs with matching SEIU T-shirts physically assaulting and intimidating protestors like this after the town hall meeting in St. Louis—this is despicable:

Its not too hard to identify which movement is organic.

Think Congress will read this bill? They passed the banker bailout without reading it, they passed the cap and trade without reading it, is it really asking too much of our representatives/senators to at least read the bills before passing them?

Read it for yourself here.


SEIU Protest in St. Louis



Doctors As Drug Dealers: Money Talks – Profits Before Patient Safety

Go to www.moneytalksthemovie.com to learn more.

Truthers Organize Large Donation Day For First Responders

Good for Dennis Kucinich, he’s not afraid to confront the realities of 911. (See video of Kucinich meeting with 911 first responders) There are tens of thousands of 911 first responders in the situation that this man, David Miller is in. Unable to work, denied healthcare benefits and other financial aid from the government and people they served on 911.

Are we concerned about our real American heroes? Many people like to claim that 911 truthers don’t care about the people who suffered from 911, such as the 911 families or 911 first responders. My question is two-fold, why are 911 truthers the only groups who are trying to help the first responders get their much needed medical care, and why are 911 truth groups often made up of 911 families and first responders? It’s now time to draw the line: Put up or shutup. Whoever says they care about these heroes, it’s time to put your money where your mouth is. The first responders may not have much time left.

Visit the link below to learn more and donate to help the first responders cover healthcare and other expenses. I also recommend watching this video, Dust to Dust, that tells the story of the first responders.