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Ron Paul Speaks With Iraqi Lawmakers, Majority Want U.S. Forces Out

Iraq lawmakers want U.S. forces out as part of deal 6.4.2008, Reuters.com

“The majority of Iraqi representatives strongly reject any military-security, economic, commercial, agricultural, investment or political agreement with the United States that is not linked to clear mechanisms that obligate the occupying American military forces to fully withdraw from Iraq,” the letter to the leaders of Congress said.

Time to give them their democracy.


Unnecessary Wars: Will the U.S. Become Yesterday’s Superpower?

Here is a clip of Pat Buchanan discussing his new book Churchill, Hitler, and “The Unnecessary War”: How Britain Lost Its Empire and the West Lost the World on NBC with Lester Holt of the Today Show.

Of all the wars in the last 100+ years WWII is possibly the most justifiable from the perspective of U.S. involvement, but it should have been avoided in the first place and Buchanan has some excellent points along these lines, his book should be interesting. One thing there is no doubt about are the tragic and wasteful wars that the U.S. is involved in today. To quote Ron Paul: “All empires end” (and to paraphrase him further) …usually with massive debt and a broken down military. Sound familiar?

Wolf Blitzer, Ron Paul, John McCain and “Book Bombs”

Ron Paul appeared on CNN today with Wolf Blitzer and was asked predictably (how many times have people asked this question now?) if and when he will support McCain, why he will NOT support McCain (hmm, perhaps because RON PAUL IS STILL RUNNING FOR PRESIDENT!!! — not to mention McCain is virtually the polar opposite of what Paul is and what he stands for) and why he is still running for president. I think Wolf might have missed the “why don’t you run third party?” question this time though.

But you’ve gotta love this interview. The media still doesn’t understand why Ron Paul refuses to play the game all of the other major candidates do/did. It’s fun to watch the perplexed, confused media try to make sense of someone with a solid moral and ideological foundation who actually follows his principles.

Bloomberg Interviews Ron Paul 4.29.08

This is a good, fairly in-depth interview:

Part One

(Click “Read More” to see parts Two and Three)

Continue reading

John Cusack Tells It Like It Is

John Cusack has integrity and guts. He went on the Bill Maher show recently and demonstrated surprising depth in his understanding of the issues as he laid out some of the problems our country is facing today. Cusack has always been cool though, nevermind the cowardly, pretentious sycophant that Maher is, he is incidental in this clip:

Week of Truth: The Shell Game

The “Week of Truth” goal: Propel The Shell Game into the Top 10 of the New York Times Best Seller List. To achieve this URGE all your contacts to buy multiple copies of this truth telling novel – The Shell Game – between April 16 to 22nd, the focused week when the NY Times list will count those sales.

Learn more at weekoftruth.org. Also, buy the book through weekoftruth.org to help 9/11 First Responders!

This video is about The Shell Game, a new novel by NY Times best-selling author Steve Alten. Released January 22nd, the book is both entertaining and educational; blurring the line between fiction and the unfortunate political realities we face in our country and around the world today. Also check it out at theshellgame.net

Here is Steve Alten being interviewed on 6 ABC in Philadelphia:

History Repeats Itself

There are striking similarities between the economic crisis of the 70s and the current crisis. The 1970s crisis was caused by needless Vietnam war spending, an excessive trade deficit, and rising oil prices/falling dollar. Sound familiar? I wasn’t even old enough to understand what was going on back then however I do read and do know a little about history—enough to realize that history is in many ways repeating itself. Today this article came out detailing exactly what I have been noticing:

From LewRockwell.com:

“Déjà vu, All Over Again”

The credit markets were reeling and people across the globe had lost confidence in the dollar. American tourists overseas found that many places in Europe were reluctant to exchange their dollars for European currency, and the world banking community was even more in an uproar.

Furthermore, U.S. armed forces were bogged down in an unpopular war overseas, and the U.S. economy seemed to be moving into a recession. Foreigners holding dollars were nervous and wondering if they had been fooled into holding worthless paper.

I am not describing the current economic scene in the United States; instead, this is a description of the crisis of August, 1971, when the U.S. dollar collapsed as the government’s currency Ponzi game ran its course, and Americans found it was time to pay the piper. The 1970s were wracked with stagflation, slow growth, economic uncertainty, and political turmoil.

Apparently, the lessons to be learned of the dollar’s collapse in 1971 have not been learned by the current crop of “leaders” in Washington and on Wall Street, but the thing about laws of economics is that they are impervious to the wishes and commands of politicians. Contra Franklin D. Roosevelt, who insisted that economic laws had been made up by people and could be changed by fiat, one cannot command an economy into prosperity. . . (Read Full Article)